Sunday, April 12, 2009


mamaw and papaw Grants farm!! Laci
Wes, papaw Grant, Jax, and Dog
Jax and I
Jax was so funny, he would literally lay in the river, dipping his head in periodically..

Laci being beautiful!!
Megan and I on the 4-wheeler
Ethel (the goat) and Avery, they just kept running in circles!!
One of the many times I had to get onto Avery for chasing mamaws animals!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

rainy days..

Ben got a call a few days ago regarding his ACT score, she was letting him know "he passed." He had to re-take the ACT for nursing school since his was over 10 years old.. his best score in high school was a 24, he studied for one week and made a 27 @ age 29!! I'm soo proud of him!! The best part of this is that we get scholarship $$ for nursing school!! He starts school in June, we can't wait!!

Ben took some pictures from todays bad weather.. hail!! more pics from the hail..
this is where Avery likes to sit on pretty days.. dinning room looking out in the front yard.
watch dog!!