Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dixie Darlins

It's that time of year again, Laci is playing softball!! It's amazing watching the difference a year makes and how much the girls actually pick up the game.. Laci is playing first base and catching and making a lot of outs!! She's also slugging the ball like crazy!! They play a few games a week and I look forward every time to watching her!! Megan is in a stage where she has to be in the mood to get her picture taken and on this day she wasn't having it!! So here are a couple of Laci and Brynn!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


When my brother Wesley would be bored growing up he would yell at the top of his lungs "BOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIINNNNGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!" It's something we all do occasionally to make us laugh!! Of course this long word was followed by my mom threatening to put a broom in his hand!! I haven't blogged anything with substance in quite some time.. truth is, not much has gone on to blog about?!! I have been working longer hours than ever, which is good for business!! Ben is neck high with school, studying, and working when he can. All of those things mixed with fertility treatments = one boring/tired couple!! I hope one day soon to be able to write a happily ever after post but for now this is our reality. I wouldn't trade it for anything!! Of course if I could snap my fingers and be pregnant with a healthy baby I would, let's be honest. But for whatever reason that's not where we're at right now. Since it's just Ben and I (plus Avery who is so laid back it's like she's not here) we have extra time to love on our nieces!! If you've read my blog at all you know how special they are to us. Amber told me a few weeks ago that when the big girls pray at night they pray for auntie to have a baby. Megan prayed a specific prayer not long ago that went something like this... "I pray for auntie to have a baby and for it not to go to Heaven." How pure, sweet, & innocent!!! Of course I got a knot in my throat when Amber told me this for many reasons.. then it hit me that at 4 years old we're able to teach Megan (& Laci at 6) about Jesus and Heaven. I can't find many positives about losing a baby/child/loved one but if our story can change a life, or bring someone to know Jesus than it's worth it. That's a tough pill to swallow but we believe it wholeheartedly!!
Some close friends and family know the details of what we're going through with our infertility journey, others just know we're struggling. I promise one day to pour my heart out with this journey!! For now I ask that you pray.. pray for patience, courage, strength, FAITH, and for Gods will to be done in our lives.