Monday, August 23, 2010


Ben has been working out & running since the beginning of this month.. I will post more details @ the end of the month with his statistics. I must admit he's already amazed me and the # changes on the scale are huge!! I decided instead of laying on the couch while he works out I should be doing something too.. I'm not a runner, never have been.. (I always get a cramp in my side haha) A while ago, and by while I mean a year or more I bought the Denise Austin 3-week boot camp DVD @ Target. I also got some weights to go along with it.. hey, she was holding weights in the pictures :) Ben started a new workout regimen tonight so I thought I would start too.. to be honest I'm having trouble typing this because my arms are so numb!! I do feel very proud of myself though, neither Ben or myself thought I could finish the 20 minute routine. The front of the DVD says that you can "trim inches and lose up to 2 dress sizes." I should probably go get an updated workout DVD considering she's wearing a shiny gold belt and halter in this but it's what we've got for now... I've weighed myself today and will weigh again in 3 three weeks. I'm not one that cares what a scale says, I just care if I'm happy when I look in the mirror and right now I'm not.. I've gained more weight since delivering Weslee then the whole 5 months I was pregnant with her!! That's not good - I intend on putting my emotions on this work out and getting lean and mean!! OK not really, just healthy!! to a nice HOT bath!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Niece #3!!

I'm a tad bit late on posting this but can't believe I forgot.. chances are, if you read my blog you also read my sister's and already know the exciting news!! Her third daughter and my niece has a name... Brynn Bradley Bohannan!! I haven't mentioned in a while how excited I am about her arrival!!! Amber went to baby views at 17 weeks and found out she was having a girl.. when she's closer to the big day she's going to do 4D pictures. I cannot wait and I'll post pics when that time comes!! Being an "auntie" is the most rewarding thing in the whole wide world!! These girls treat me like I'm the most amazing person on the universe. Each time I see them it's like the first and it melts my heart!! The girls have such pure hearts and are so innocent. Laci and Megan still ask me randomly about Weslee.. questions like, is she still in Heaven, was she sick, do you have a baby in your belly, etc.. obviously at first these questions choked me up but each time they ask it gets easier... Megan tells me she wants me to have two babies, one named Maggie and the other Deuteronomy. Laci wants me to have a boy.. who knows what God has in store. I can't wait to see who/what Brynn looks like, will she have blue eyes like her sisters or darker eyes like her daddy?? One more reason I'm ready for fall... baby Brynn arrives!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One of those days...

I have not been a good blogger for a few weeks now... (let's be honest, I've never been on top of my game with blogging) To be honest these past few weeks have been filled with ups and down.. I find myself wanting to blog but it's usually when my heart is heavy and I need to spill my emotions. The last thing I want is to be a "debbie downer" so I try not to overload you with "poor Sarah." Do not get me wrong.. My life is beyond amazing and I'm surrounded by people who love me, have a great job, husband, dog, family, and friends (in no particular order)...

Two weeks ago today I had surgery, I did not blog about this and many of my own personal friends don't even know. Since delivering Weslee and given the okay medically Ben and I have been trying to have another baby. After six months we started meeting with a fertility specialist.. I've been poked & prodded many times over the past few months.. I get asked all the time, "when are you going to have another baby, are you trying, etc." I do not mind answering that question, I am guilty of asking the same thing.. I will blog more about the specifics of our journey thus far when my heart is ready..

I've found myself on multiple occasions telling God that we should not be dealing with infertility, we should be loving on our 6 month old daughter, Weslee.. that is one of the biggest internal battles I have with myself.. I also still question what happened, was it something I did?? Why anencephaly?? Medically there is no known cause and as a nurse I know that. But as a mom, her mom I think I will always question "what went wrong"..

As for now, it helps me emotionally to know we have a plan. (knowing that it's really not up to us at all) I am someone that LOVES details and I'm an avid blog stalker.. I promise to write about our journey soon!! Please pray for Ben and I as we continue to walk down this road that is so foreign to us.. not to mention stressful and expensive. I'm reading Plan B right now by Pete Wilson, it's an amazing book thus far.. although it's a book, for me it's a daily devotional.

Ben is now working 12 hr shifts a couple times a week.. I love that because he's home with Avery and I a lot!! Today is one of those days where he's working and I am here thinking... I walk in and out of the baby room, move things around only to change them back, look in my closet @ all the tiny onsies and few maternity clothes I had... the more I write the more I feel like that "debbie downer" I described above.. I hope you don't see this as poor me but me being real. I used to pray that God would give us a healthy baby.. I now pray that He opens our hearts and minds for whatever His desire is for us.

We're called to be faithful to God, even when it seems he hasn't been faithful to us. We're called to love him, even when we feel abandoned. We're called to look for him, even in the midst of the darkness. We're call to worship him, even through our tears - Pete Wilson, Plan B

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Papaw Grant

I've talked on and off about my papaw Grant and his battle with lung cancer since last October.. I've asked you to pray for him and our family as we dealt with this disease. On August 6 (yesterday) my papaw went to be with the LORD!! I know the angels are rejoicing and he's singing in the choir but here on earth our hearts are heavy. Some of you know me personally and my family, others are just blog stalkers (like myself) who stumbled across here.. I ask that you continue to pray for us in the coming days, weeks, months, & years. We, as grandchildren are so fortunate to have had all four of our grandparents around for as long as we did. We have so many wonderful years and memories with papaw Grant!! We are going to celebrate his life on Monday with family and friends. It will truly be a celebration of the joy, laughter, and love be brought to soo many!!

**I must admit I'm jealous he is getting to rock and sing to our baby girl, Weslee!!