Friday, February 17, 2012

I got nothing..

Who's ready for excuses??  Because that's all I've got for not updating this blog.. I've had good intentions for a month(s) but would rather be with family, take a bath, lay on the couch, or go to bed!!  I'm pretty sure I never updated our Grant Christmas, Dave's visit (Wesley's best friend & roommate from Georgia State), New Years Eve, Valentine's Day, nothing!!  I write this blog more for myself than anything else.. it's a way for me to release emotions I'd normally keep inside.  I guess that means things in my life are going pretty well or I'm just keeping everything to myself - ha I do have intentions of getting back into the swing of things..

I did blog about Ben graduating RN school and starting a job in the CVICU.. he's LOVING it there; his preceptor, boss, and fellow nurses which I am so thankful for.  My biggest prayer when he started this high stress job was that he would have good mentors.  He also took and passed the NCLEX-RN which is the national licensing board for registered nurses!!  HALLELUJAH, praise the lord!!

Ben and I still spend a ton of time with our nieces,..Laci, Megan, & Brynn!!  So much has gone on and changed with each of them lately, they're growing so fast!!  Laci and Megan got to go to Disney World with Amber & Brad last week and Brynn stayed with mom and dad.. Ben and I were there when we weren't working.  She is so funny & smart, we had a great time!! 

I'm typing this in bed and Avery, our 140lb baby is growling at me because my computer is in my lap and she can't curl into me... that's my cue!!  Yes, it's Friday night, 9:22 and I'm in bed.. truth be told I've been here since 8:30 :)

until next time, goodnight!!