Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weslee Faith

Ben and I are still taking it one day at a time, getting back into our normal routines.. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home this week. My mom was also granted the week off so it's been wonderful being surrounded by family. We've been flowered with prayers, cards, meals, and so much more!!

I know people are interested in our daughter and some specific details about our situation... some things I can openly talk about, others will take time.. Weslee's specific condition is known as Anencephaly. So many people have been asking, so please feel free to look it up. **there are some pictures of other cases so please be prepared

Weslee Faith Mizell was stillborn at 20 weeks gestation.. On 10-24-09 @ 11:07am her physical body came into this world.. she weighed 6.4oz and was 8in long. What's amazing is that we could tell she already looked like her daddy... she had his nose and toes!! I mentioned earlier that she had my long legs, they were very muscular!! My sister and Weslee's Auntie Am got the pleasure of picking out her clothes and dressing her.. how special that was!! The hospital let us bring home her outfit(s) and precious hat(s) she wore!! Ben and I beam every time we talk about our daughter, we're so proud!!

We were surrounded by nurses, CRNA's, and doctors that went above and beyond for us!! Ben and I couldn't of had a better experience; considering the circumstances.. We've felt Gods hand in every angle of this situation. Although we do not understand why this has happened, we trust in his word and know we will dance with our daughter again in HEAVEN!!

Thank you all again for your continued prayers, kind words, cards, love, and support!!

Every day's a good day, some days are just better than others!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Weslee Faith Mizell

Our daughter, Weslee Faith Mizell went to be with Jesus on 10-24-09 @ 11:07am

Words cannot describe the emotional roller coaster we've been through since finding out our daughter would never live on this earth... throughout it all we've had an indescribable peace!! I know it's because of God and your prayers that have kept us above water!! We're so thankful to each one of you!!!

We've been surrounded by family and friends and that always helps!! Each day comes with a new emotion..

We will share more about our story in time... right now we're taking it one day @ a time and others a minute @ a time.

I wanted to share Weslee's birthday and that we are all doing well and very thankful!!

I must share that even @ 20 weeks she looked like her daddy and had long muscular legs like her mom!!

We're so proud!!

Ben & Sarah

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby M has a name!!!

We've decided to name our daughter Weslee Faith Mizell... Faith is only appropriate @ a time like this, Weslee of course is after my brother. We are eager for our appointment with the specialist today @ 2:30. We're hoping and praying for answers and guidance as to what our next move should be... We are so encouraged by the love and support you've already shown!!

Please also take time to pray for the Nail family, they are dealing with a sick daughter and I can't imagine what they're going through..

So many hurts it seems, but we serve a great God and I am @ peace with that!!

With so much love,
Sarah & Weslee!! (oh how I love saying her name)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

20 week OB visit

Dear friends and family,
Today Sarah and I found out that we are going to have a baby girl, and couldn’t be more excited!! But with all of this enjoyment, we have found out some unfortunate news about our daughter. During our routine 20-week ultrasound with the doctor, we were told that our baby has an extremely rare developmental disorder where the skull doesn’t form around the brain. Therefore, she will not be able to survive past birth if she for some reason makes it that far. We are going to see a high-risk OB specialist tomorrow to learn a little more about this condition and discuss our current options. It is very hard for us to hear the news, especially after seeing her heartbeat and kicking her legs around like crazy!! We are coming to grips slowly, but surely, with the reality that we are now faced with and ask that everyone keep our family in your thoughts and prayers. It is going to be a rough and bumpy road ahead of us, but whenever the time comes for us to meet our baby girl we’ll be eagerly waiting... We decided along time ago to let go and let God; now more than ever!!
with love, Ben and Sarah

**please feel free to ask us any specific questions

Monday, October 12, 2009

19 weeks and growing...

Here I am @ 19 weeks!!! random picture I'm throwing in here... this is the day I told Ben we were expecting!!

I don't want to get into too many details about us "trying" to get pregnant... needless to say we had decided to let go and let God.. especially with Ben starting nursing school and cutting down on his hours @ work. God has a sense of humor because that month (June) it happened!! I took a pregnancy test on July 1... first day mother nature was supposed to visit : ) within 15 seconds it said Pregnant! I took about six more while he was @ school... I then went to my home away from home, Target to buy the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting." I wrapped it up along w/ a couple of the pregnancy tests... Ben was doing so well in school and very eager to learn... soo, I told him I was proud of him and got him a present.. I found a card that said, "You're going to be a great dad!!" I knew once he read that he'd get it... I'll never forget the smile on his face as he opened the card.... he would read a word then look @ me, then look back @ the card, then back @ me.... @ this point I finally become emotional!! Pure joy of course, I was so excited!! Our immediate family found out pretty quickly.. we didn't tell anyone else until after my 8 week appt, which was July 27. Ben has not been able to come to my appointments because of school... BUT he talked with his teacher today and she's agreed to let him come the afternoon of the 20th!!! (we find out what we're having)
Saturday morning my mom, sis, nieces, & I got up to go shopping.. of course Amber broke out the camera!! My first time to wear maternity jeans and I'm in love!!!!
I still don't feel pregnant.. but I sure am enjoying this growing belly!! I've always had a fascination w/ pregnant bellies and I'm loving to watch mine grow!!!!
Of course I had to end w/ my newest pair of shoes... my sister and I both got a pair, they're funky!! Ben's comment on the new purchase, "go figure, heels!"
I'll be updating again next Tuesday!!! I'm praying everything looks great on the ultrasound and obviously thrilled to put a name w/ Baby M!!! Please keep Ben and I in your prayers as we embark on this new adventure.....