Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

****I just found this post in my edited section.. I always wondered why it didn't show up

I am two days late on this post but I did want to acknowledge the holiday. On mother's day I did a post about my mom & MIL. So tonight I'm going to say thank you to my dad and FIL for being such wonderful fathers!!

My dad is a true man of God. Easy for me to say that because he's a preacher right?? I can honestly say he walks the walk and talks the talk. I am so proud of my dad, poppy for all that he's been through throughout his time in the ministry. We laugh at the people that say things like, "you only work on Sundays, how bad could it be" etc. All I can say to that is YOU.HAVE.NO.IDEA. My dad has always put my mom and us kids #1!! I remember him getting us up and ready for school while my mom went through nursing school. He drove to Arkadelphia every week for classes.. he continued through school until he received his doctorate!! He started at FBC as a youth minister 26 years ago, he is now the senior pastor. I have never been one to enjoy "big church." I always found a reason to dislike something the preacher did. I know it's my dad and I'm partial but I love to hear him preach. He's so down to earth and relates to each person in the room. What you see is what you get.. I am a lot like my dad which I think is a great thing!! I LOVE the way he adores my mom. He NEVER let us disrespect her, especially my brother. I remember Wes being pinned to the ground many times & dad saying you don't talk to your mother that way :) I have been through a lot throughout the years with family & friends being taken away from us too soon. He has been by my side during each tragedy. The one time he was not able to be by my side was when Weslee came into this world. Unfortunately and sadly, he had to be away to do a funeral for a family that had to bury their own daughter much too soon. We never talked about him not being there, he was where he needed to be. He has a way with words and speaks beautifully at funerals. Honestly, it was probably a blessing he and my brother were not able to be there. It was a tough, tough ordeal!! My first question to my mom after I delivered her was have you called dad to let him know I'm okay and Weslee is in Heaven. I mentioned a few posts ago that I had to be hospitalized after my last D & C. I didn't blog about it at the time because I had enough "poor Sarah" at that time. One week after the surgery I was still actively bleeding.. not enough to worry (Ben was worried but I wasn't worried) It wasn't until one night when I woke up in extreme pain.. we did everything we could to get me comfortable until the morning because I did not want to go to the ER. I went to the doctor first thing and he immediately admitted me to the hospital. He thought I had some type of infection. Apparently every one thought I would end up needing a hysterectomy, WHAT?? I guess that would be my luck.. (twisted humor) Turned out all my labs were normal, thankfully.. I just had an old hematoma that was ridding itself. I was put on strong IV antibiotics, had many scans, & sent home the next day. I mention that story now because every one was working when I got the news so my dad met me at my house and took me to the hospital. I kept telling him he could go.. of course he wasn't going anywhere until I was settled. He had no idea what he was in for (neither did I) Needles do not bother me.. I know I have terrible veins and tell the nurses ahead of time. I also say, don't worry if you miss, I wont complain. (can't stand people who threaten the nurse before she sticks you) This particular nurse proceeded to dig the needle in the same vein three times!!! I kept telling her they were very superficial, she finally listened. That fun situation was followed by Dr. B calling letting me know I had to get a catheter for a CT scan. A CATHETER??? My first question of course was were you going to knock me out??? (answer was no by the way) Remember, my dads the only one with me.. he was sweet (& smart) to turn his head but I sweetly & politely asked him to back up and hold my hand. He's probably not thought about it again but him being there and literally holding my hand during that procedure put me at ease. (For those of you who ever have to get a catheter while wide away & on no meds, it's honestly not bad!!)
I could go on and on about what my dad means to me & our family!!

Dr. Phil, my FIL is also a selfless man who loves me like his own daughter. He is always willing to give advice and listens to me. He has walked with Ben and I through each step of our losses. He always has the right words to say and such sound words of wisdom!! He is so level headed and passed on some wonderful character traits to Ben. I am forever grateful this man is a part of my life!!

Ben and I are SO fortunate to have parents that love and support us!! It's with faith, family & friends that keep us going every day!!