Tuesday, September 29, 2009

baby bump clarification!!

So, I've gotten a lot of comments about how my belly literally grew over night... I should of mentioned in the previous post that my mom & I had just eaten @ Chili's!! Therefore, my belly was extra stretched!! Some days it's bigger than others it seems.. I wear scrubs daily so it's hard for me to see the changes?!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby Bump!!

I finally broke down and took some baby bump pictures!! Here I am 17 weeks pregnant and growing by the minute now it seems..
It's like I woke up and there was a basketball under my shirt, no more sucking in!!
Avery being curious about what's growing under mommys shirt.... she has been so clingy!!!
I get more comments about my shoes.. yes I wear these and plan on wearing them the whole time : ) it makes my mom nervous!! There's something about tall, wedged shoes that makes me feel skinny??!
We cannot wait until Oct 20 to find out what this little baby is!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

16 week OB visit!!

I just completed my 16 week OB appointment and all is well!! Like the 12 week, not much was done... my BP was perfect, urine was clear, I lost another 1/2 lb, HR is 151 or 155 (can't remember exactly) all in all, he said everything is perfect!! I've not been throwing up at all, I just don't have a huge appetite. He said not to worry, I'll be eating those words here in a few months!! I'm young, in shape (strong abdominal muscles) and it's my first child so he said not gaining yet is normal.. I get to go back in 4 weeks and have an ultrasound so we can give baby "M" an actual name!!! Dr Breniman asked what I thought it was and I told him everyone keeps telling me it's a boy.. literally, everyone is saying that!! He said, "well I think it's a girl!!" haha When I asked him why he thought this, he said because of the heartrate?? Thinking back the HR's have been 141, 161, now 151-155... I did drink coke on all occasions so I'm not sure if that made it a bit higher?? Who knows, but it's fun to guess and compare old wives tales!! Ben and I of course will be happy with whatever baby M turns out to be!!

The baby room is coming along great, basically all that's left is finding out the sex, picking out the bedding, & adding (girl/boy) accents!! I've got it very neutral right now so it can go either way.. Like I said in a previous post, we're using my sisters baby furniture, which saved us a ton of $$!! I found a rug & a tree @ Garden Ridge for great prices, and @ the Duck, Duck, Goose consignment sale my mom & sis found an awesome rocker & ottoman w/ khaki color fabric for $65!!!!!!!! We're soo proud of everything so far!! When Ben gets a free minute from school I'm going to get him to take pictures of everything so far.. All of the Noah's Ark themed pictures are from Kirklands, which I LOVE!!

I can't think of anything new to update you on.. if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!!

I do get asked a lot if we've thought of any names... We've got our boy name picked out (it's one I've had for years that Ben thankfully likes) as for girl names, we haven't even talked about it!! Honestly, we don't discuss it much.. we're just being patient and waiting til we know for sure.. that'll make it more fun!!

I also get asked if I feel baby M move and the answer is no... I honestly still don't feel "pregnant" I wake up on my stomach some mornings and have to rearrange because I feel "something" there... that's about as close as I've gotten to actually feeling preggo!!

Until next time....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#1 baby, Avery!!

Avery and Ben, one of the first days we had her... very timid and small!! Avery and Ben today!!
Avery has become mommys girl big time!!! Ben says its since I've become preggers, weird actually... she does not leave my side, she must sleep right next to me, if not on me!!
I'm pretty sure she weighs around 120lb now!!
Stare contest!! You can also see what's starting to be a baby bump.. 13 weeks, 3 days!!
Ben lets her lick him on the face... no thanks!!
She's bigger than me!!
She's going to be a great, big, protective big sister!!