Thursday, April 26, 2012


Earlier this year Laci, our oldest niece starting asking questions about her salvation and what it means to be a Christian.  She's grown up in the church and been surrounded by wonderful Sunday School teachers, Wednesday night classes, choirs, Christian family members, and friends.  She is smart as a whip and understands so much at such a young age.. The next step in her walk is to be baptized which is such a neat experience.  We are amazed daily by her genuine need to learn and walk the walk of a Christian. 

Here are a few pictures from the day she went in front of the church to make her decision public...
 Amber, Laci, & Brad
Dad, aka poppy, aka pastor Rick - introducing Laci and the others that made decisions on this day!!
 after church everyone is welcome and encouraged to love on the ones who made decisions
this picture is particularly neat, it's Laci's school principal loving on her and giving her encouraging words!!
 Uncle Wes and Brynn supporting big bird
Nonny (my mom) & Hanny - can you tell they're proud!!
 Laci Kyle Bohannan
Brynn, Amber, Laci, & Nonny
 Laci and her Nonny
Auntie & her big bird

Laci - your uncle Benny and I love you soo much!!  I know we tell you all the time how proud we are of you but this decision to trust Jesus and make him boss of your life is the best decision you'll ever make!!  Your heart is pure and your light shines for all to see.. you are always kind to others and willing to help.  We are so proud of you Laci Bird and can't wait to see what God has in store for you!!

GO Diamond Dolls!!!!

It's that time of year again, softball!!  Laci decided not to play this year but Meg was super pumped about her first season!!  It's soo funny to watch the girls figure out the game.. they've been playing for a month or so and have already figured out so much.  If a ball was hit the first few games every player would run to it, tackle each other, then fight over the ball.  All the while the batter is rounding the bases.  They've started to figure out which base to go to, who gets the ball, and not to play in the dirt.  Amber and Brad are helping coach which is funny too because they're both so competitive!!

Megan and mommy, my sister Amber

Uncle Wes, Meg, & Uncle Benny
 post game talk
GO Diamond Dolls!!
 coach Brad (my brother-in-law) pitching to the girls
Meg & her daddy, Brad
 Meg hit her first home run, she was soooo pumped!!!!
 warming up in the circle
 hey batter, batter....

Ben and I look forward to her ballgames every week, we're so proud of you Meg!!