Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Benny!!

Finally, something to blog about!!

On March 21 Ben had his 32nd birthday.  The day itself was spent like any other day, I worked & Ben had a class for his work.. thrilling really!!  That night we did get together at my parents house and had some things Ben requested.  He is not a huge mexican food fan but my sister makes this taco ring that he loves.  We kept with that theme and added cheese dip, salsa, bean dip, & homemade apple & chocolate pies per Bens wishes.
 Mexican food happens to be one of my favorites so the dips didn't stand a chance!!
Amber working on the taco ring
 the finished product..
Nonny, aka mom working on the apple & chocolate pies.. Wes thought she needed a little "eye black" on during the cooking (notice the flour on her face)
 the girls love celebrations and each made Ben birthday cards!!
 I'm sure I've mentioned that years ago Ben and I decided we wouldn't get each other presents or cards on holidays.. (Valentine's Day, birthdays, etc.) not because we're heartless, it's simply to save money.  Since it's just he and I we get what we need/want on a daily basis, no need for anything special just because.  I did have a present wrapped which caught him off guard.. he happened to get a box of contacts in the mail that day that I quickly snatched up and wrapped.  He thought it was funny but the girls were confused why he was so happy..
 at one point during the cooking we looked up and couldn't find Brynn.. apparently she can now open doors and was in a pile of mud in the back yard!!
 Ben and his sidekick Megan
fried pies :)
the birthday boy and I (we attempted this picture a few times but he could not keep his eyes open)

The Friday following his actual birthday we met his family at Cock of the Walk, yummmm!!!  Trent, our brother in law also has a birthday the end of March so we made it a joined gathering!!  I lucked out again because this restaurant is one of my favorites that we hardly ever go to..
 Cock of the Walk
the birthday boys, Trent & Ben
 after dinner we headed to Katherine & Trents house for dessert.. she had cupcakes designed with Razorbacks for Ben and Red Sox for Trent!!
Trent - Katherine - me - Ben
present time!!
Ben was showered with presents from family but this may be the best one from Kat & Trent!! 

We have always referred to our family as the "Griswolds" for more than one reason..

Ben had a great birthday and we're so fortunate to have each other, family, & friends that we do!!