Saturday, June 26, 2010

Destin, FL 2010

In the past week I've been to and from Destin, FL. We had a wonderful trip despite Wes not feeling 100% & Megan getting a fever virus & sinus infection. Wes is feeling 100% better after being put on some medicine that seems to be resolving his issues. Meg got an antibiotic called in and by the end of the week was back to her old self. So many people were giving us negative feedback regarding the beach.. we didn't care, we just wanted to get away, even if it was just a week. Worst case scenario, we'd eat at fun restaurants & shop more than usual!! It ended up being a beautiful week and we enjoyed all of the above plus the beautiful ocean and pool. The first few days the water was crystal clear, we soaked up a lot of fun in the sun!! Thursday we noticed a coast guard boat slowing drifting through the ocean.. upon further inspection we noticed some oil in the distance. It was a red color which is how we knew what it was.. There were also a few tar balls that washed on shore that day.. There were still people swimming and the sands were white as ever. By Friday there was no sign of oil or tar balls... Ben was not able to come with us because of school.. this is the last year that school should get in the way of vacation!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby Views!!

I was privileged to get to go with my sister to Baby Views today to find out the sex of baby #3.. we were anxiously awaiting the announcement & longing to hear everything was okay. It's a ........ GIRL!! Obviously we're shocked & excited it's another girl but even more thankful that she looked perfect in every way!!

still in shock it's another girl..

Laci is one proud big sister, holding the CD & pictures from today!!

this is the face I got when I asked the girls how they felt about a little sister..

proud mom & dad (Brad is still in shock)

Ben Mizell, honors

Ben graduated LPN school on Thursday of this past week, June 10!! It seems like yesterday he had a change in career and we were planning his goals... I'm so proud of him & look forward to our next challenge; RN school starting in January. While he was in school I've mentioned he worked @ the ER on the weekends. Most, almost all ER's do not hire LPNs. The one Ben works @ does have a few spots but they're currently filled. He got the news last week that they're offering him a position there!! His ultimate goal is to become a nurse anesthetist, CRNA. (He does not tell people this when they ask because he's taking it one step @ a time) There are many criteria you have to meet before even applying to this school.. One obviously is being a RN but you also have to have 1+ year of critical care/ER experience.. They will count his upcoming ER experience as a LPN which will make his dream that much closer!! I'm proud of Ben and know he can do whatever he puts his mind to!! We are a great team & I'm glad we're on this ride in life together!!

Ben & I with his sis Katherine & Husband, Trent

Ben was lucky enough to have a great study/friendship group through school.. these guys became super close & we all got together after graduation & celebrated, we had a BLAST!!

Ben & his other half, Mark. He and his wife, Audra are moving to North Arkansas next weekend.. as much as we hate to see them go we're looking forward to having an excuse to go to NWA.

At the end of the ceremony they did the traditional lighting of the candle & passing it on... Ben's mom Mary Ann (who is a RN instructor) was able to light Ben's candle, it meant a lot to them both.

(a lot of the pictures turned out blurry due to 338273 cameras around me and the lighting wasn't great)

me & Mary Ann

Ben & I

Welcome Home Uncle Wes!!

I'm late on this post but better late than never... Wes came home for the summer a few weeks ago. It's been wonderful having him here & not having to drive 9 hours to see him!! We decided to have Hannah's family over & surprise him when they arrived. Mom, dad, & Hanny did a great job keeping the surprise, he had no idea!!

Mom & dad pulled pretty much his whole apartment home.. Wes & Hanny followed.

We had more food than we knew what to do with. Mrs. Jodi even made homemade peach cobbler, YUMMM!!

Laci couldn't wait to hug her uncle Wessy!!

Amber & I were reliving our cheerleading days with a good ole run thru!!

Wes & Hanny

Please say a prayer for Wes as his foot is not healing the way it should... this makes his plans for next year tough.. He's been offered his scholarship back @ Georgia State which is amazing but if his foot doesn't heal he wont be ready when it's time to play.. he's seeing a specialist here who thinks he's now on the right track.. If we've learned anything this past year it's that what happens is out of our hands.. from our daughter Weslee going to Heaven, to our brother Wesley getting hurt in freakishly random circumstances.. We have FAITH and look forward to what the future holds for us all!!

We love you Beesh!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

makes me smile!!

CHEEEESE take 5!!!!

got milk?

"Hey girls, what are you looking at??"

(these pictures were taken in my parents back yard)

"Auntie, get up here, you've got to see this!!"


That's right, cows & a lot of em!! When it rains a lot or in the morning & late afternoon the cows come right up to my parents fence & rest.. Megan thinks it's the coolest thing ever!!