Wednesday, August 26, 2009

12 week OB visit!!

Yesterday was my 12 week doctors appointment, 12 weeks!!! It started by me giving a urine sample - going back to the waiting room - getting my weight and BP - going back to the waiting room - then going to a room and meeting with my OB doctor. He said all the labs from my 8 week appointment were great, BP (blood pressure) is perfect, urine was clear, I've lost a few pounds but they say not to worry, and baby M's heartrate was 161!! It was a little higher than I figured, considering last time it was 141.. Honestly, that was all that was done, pretty uneventful!! It will be the exact same type of appointment when I go back on September 22 for my 16 week visit.. We get to find out what Baby M is (boy/girl) @ my 20 week appointment, YAY!! He was very surprised at how well I've been doing.. I guess he was waiting on me to complain or talk about nausea, etc.. I'm very blessed to have done this well so far, I hope it continues!! The only thing he wants me to do by the next appointment is gain some weight.. (few lbs) He said not to worry, I'll start packing them on soon enough - haha
That's all for now... I'm going to get Ben to take a picture of the Noah's Ark picture we're centering the room around so I can put it on here. We'll also get some of our #1 baby, Avery to show off!! Until next time.....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby M update

My mammaw Grant and Aunt Connie have been on me about updating this blog... I apologize for the pause in posts, Ben and I are pretty predictable!! haha

The title of this post sounds more exciting than it is... I honestly don't have much to share about this pregnancy?!! It's been very uneventful thus far, which I'm thankful for!! I feel great, no sickness, haven't missed work, been doing my everyday routines, including playing church softball!! Ben finally put his foot down and said no co-ed this year : ) I'll be ready for next season though!!

I go to the doctor again Tues, 25; which will be my 12 week appointment!! I am very excited and nervous @ the same time.... We will find out what baby M is @ the end of October. That's what I'm looking forward to the most!!!! People ask me all the time, "what do you want?" Obviously, we want healthy!! BUT, if I got to pick I'd have ALL boys!! We've got our Princesses, Laci and Megan!!! I also get asked a lot what I'm craving.. nothing really?? I pass a Little Ceasars sign coming home from work daily that jumps out @ me.. but that's not new. I eat jalapenos like candy, but always have... I've really had a sweet tooth now that I think about it.. not for chocolate but for candy!!

As far as the nursery goes... We've already started gathering some things. We've decided to use my sisters furniture she used with her girls. Two reasons really: 1) $$ 2) it's in great shape.
I purchased a Noah's Ark picture from Kirklands months ago.. maybe even the end of last year?? Ben and I were not talking about kids yet but I knew that's what I wanted in my future baby room... I'll have to take a picture and post it. It will work for either a boy or a girl.. Amber and I have both got some onsies that are already washed and hanging in the closet. The Vances got us a onsie from New York that is tooo cute!! Mary Ann, my MIL, has bought us some of the cutest stuffed animals I have ever seen!! One is a dog from Pickle & Ice Cream that is just like the one Ben had in his room when he was little.. it's sooo soft!! The other is a sock monkey from 5th Season, which is my favorite!!

I'm all out of fun facts, I'll update again after my appointment on Tuesday!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beach 09'

I realized I have yet to put up beach pictures... I have 100's so I picked out a few of my favs!! This year since Ben and Brad couldn't go we decided to scale down and not go as far... we ended up @ Orange Beach and stayed @ the Phoenix West. It's so crazy to think that next year we'll have a little baby going with us!!

the Benton girls we ran into.. Brad got to join us the last couple days
Megan holding Laci under water - it's amazing how strong she is!!

We talked Megan into riding the slide with Laci - she only did it once!! Every other time she had to ride with an adult..... dad, Laci, & Meg were @ the slide by 7:30 every morning!!

Fearless Megan
Laci came out of mom & dads room and said, "ready to work out?" she has on nonny's work out staples!! (hat & watch)

the slide Laci went down 4862 times
Megan & mom and their bowl of peaches (which they consumed in one sitting)

View of the slide from our room - it was a big hit!!

The view of the slide/lazy river from our room Megan burried in the sand

While waiting to eat @ LuLu's Laci got a hair wrap, she was soo proud!!


Laci and Megan loved these floaties in the ocean!! Like mother, like daughter!!

mom & dad

Wes and Laci heading to boogie board

At night we would go down to the slide/lazy river and let the girls swim!!