Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One test down, one to go!!

Ben just got home from taking his NET (nurse entrance exam) I am soo proud to tell you that he scored "above average"!!!

The ACT is Saturday, he will not know his score on that for a few weeks.. please keep Ben and our new adventure in your prayers.

He's taken a job in the ER @ Baptist NLR.. I think he's really going to enjoy it there!! It is a super nice facility, my office happens to be in that hospital : ) and he should gain a ton of experience!! Not only is it hands on work, when he "checks" off on a skill in school they'll allow him to start perfecting it @ work. He starts his first day tomorrow, I hope he enjoys it!!

Ben also had his 29th birthday this past Saturday!! Happy late b-day Benny!!

what's going on with us...

The past month has been one of many questions for Ben and I.. he was "let go" from his marketing job and has been doing some soul searching since. After long talks, prayer, and advice from family and friends Ben has decided to go to nursing school!! I've joked with him since we met that he should have gone into the medical field.. his dads a doctor, his moms a RN, sisters a RN, I'm a RN, my moms a RN, and his late grandmother was a RN.. Never did I actually think he would take me seriously.. No surprise to anyone the economy is not in the best shape, especially for "marketing/business" marjors. If all goes as planned, Ben will start school in July and finish in December 11' He will have a six month break where he'll be able to work and gain experience the end of next year.. He's already shown so much drive and motivation!! He has to take the NET (nurse entrance exam) and retake the ACT (it's been over 10 years) He has been studying non stop for both, I'm so proud!! The higher he gets the more chance for grant money we get.. I've never been more proud of him than I have the past couple of weeks.. this situation has really tested our faith, but it's amazing what happens when you "let go, and let God"
Please keep us in your prayers!!

Avery - 10 months and 100 lbs!!

After a long afternoon of playing in the sun, planting flowers, and watching the dogs run crazy.. Megan and Avery, I think Av has a size advantage?!!
This is where Avery sets up shop when I leave in the mornings.. right between my "U" shaped body pillow.. she's soo much like a human it's weird!!
Avery is always on guard..
Laci being the "dog tainer" she is..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring is here!!

Megan watching anything and everything.. the girls and I planting flowers

Avery and Laci smiling for the camera!!
Megan "smiling"
Laci and I
Laci loves her picture taken!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Power of Prayer!!

I am writing with a hurting heart..
Please pray for the Nail family, especially Gracie.
I know from personal experience how many people read blogs, whether you know the person or not..
I'm writing this in hopes you'll pray for Gracie and her family..
I believe in the power of prayer and I believe we serve a powerful God!!