Saturday, April 24, 2010

Go Laci!!

We've been busy the last few weeks watching Laci play softball. This is her teams second year to play together and they're figuring out the game.

Amber and her girls

Megan's favorite part of the game.. concession stand!!

Laci down & ready with her game face on!!

Laci probably asking me for a hot dog during the game.. she's a multi tasker!!

Coach Brad & Amber

I'll end with a funny story about Laci.. at her last game Brad was out of town so Amber had to pitch. My phone rang and it said Amber iPhone on the screen.. I was confused because at the time Amber was on the field pitching. I figured she had lost her phone & someone had found it?? Oh no.. Laci was calling from the dug out, she wanted something to drink!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

poor Wes

In my last post I wrote about Wes's eventful weekend in Maryland.. today he was having some sharp pains in his foot/leg and his toes were swollen more than normal. The team doctor met them @ her office tonight. They took the cast off to find his foot abnormally red.. they ruled out a blood clot and decided it was a superficial infection.. she thinks it may some how be related to his mouth, when he got it busted open the weekend before. They put him on a very strong antibiotic, air cast, and put him on bed rest, for his foot to be elevated. He goes back on Monday to get it x-rayed to make sure progress in the right direction is being made. My heart breaks for him, we all want to get on a plane & love on him. Please pray this gets under control with the medicine and he does not go crazy being stuck in his apartment, alone. This may very well set him back on his recovery progress.. he's got a great attitude & already started working out his upper body!!

We're so proud of you uncle Wes!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

my brother, Wesley's eventful weekend

This past weekend my brother & his team played in Maryland. (Wes plays for the Georgia State Panthers in Atlanta, a D1 baseball team) On Friday night while they were taking batting practice before the game Wes was shagging balls as usual since he's a pitcher. He was behind the outfield fence getting balls when the guys yelled his name.. when he looked up it was too late & the ball hit him smack in the mouth!! This collision ended with a trip to the ER and four stitches in his mouth.. thankfully no teeth were knocked out, just sore..

He was planning on pitching Saturday with the bum mouth and all.. it didn't exactly go as planned. Again, during batting practice he was taking abunch of balls to the coach pitching. Wes was sure to watch the batter to make sure he didn't get hit again... You guessed it, a line drive came right at him, he jumped up & around to avoid the ball but it hit him. If only that was it.. when he landed he heard/felt his ankle pop. Off to the ER he went, this time he didn't get off as easy. After x-rays he was told it was broken, a bone in his right ankle. (the foot he lands on when pitching) He was put in a soft cast and finished out the weekend in Maryland awaiting the trip back to Atlanta to see an ortho doctor.

The team flew to Maryland so he was shuttled around the airport in this....

After seeing the doctor today in Atlanta and being put in a hard cast, he was told his season was pretty much done. When you add up the time in the cast, plus time in a boot, then strengthening his ankle again... it puts a dark cloud over the remainder of this season.

My heart breaks for him.. he's worked for 4 years to get where he's at now. My dad and I were talking earlier & he compared it to an Olympic athlete that trains and trains then has one injury that sidelines him/her. Such a disappointment, such a helpless feeling.. Wes will be okay whatever he decides to do after this year. He has one year of eligibility left if he continues his dream!!

Please pray that he has a peace about what steps to take next. Also pray for his sanity, he can't drive & has to depend on the MARTA railway system to get to class. So many little things he'll have to overcome.. Thankfully dad, mom, Hannah, Amber, and the girls were already planning to go to Atlanta next weekend!! Nothing makes you feel better than family, especially when you're the Griswalds!!

We love you Wes and are so proud of you!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter @ the Grant Farm!!

This afternoon we went to my grandparents farm to eat lunch & let the kiddos hunt Easter eggs. We were able to see some family that doesn't get to come to Arkansas that often. They have three girls, one Laci's age and twins that are Megan's age.. it was fun watching them interact.

I have to share a story with you.. Amber is going to kill me for putting this on here but I think it's worth having written documentation. The kids, their moms, Aunt Connie, Uncle Marc, Adam, & mammaw walked down to the creek.. Laci wanted to ride the 4-wheeler so I took her on that.. As soon as I turned it on she said, "they're going to be pissed we're on here." GASP?? Yea, me too!! I turned the 4-wheeler off, trying to hold my laughter and asked her what she said.. she repeated it with a giggle, she knew it was inappropriate!! I asked her where she heard that word, she said me.. I must admit they learn a lot of "words" from Auntie but that's not my favorite.. I said, no for real Laci and she said, "mom!" The point of this story.. kids listen and hear everything!! Did I mention Laci is 5??? (I hope this story doesn't offend anyone, it's just raw honesty) Kids say the darndest things!!

We had a wonderful time and look forward to more of this beautiful weather and making memories @ the farm!!

Amber & her girls

Megan in the creek

Laci Kyle

the girls playing in the creek, they loved it!! Laci said once or twice that we should've brought our swimsuits..

Laci with her Easter eggs & basket mammaw Grant got her!!

& Megan with hers!!

the girls with some of their cousins waiting to go find Easter eggs!!

Laci & Ethel (trying to get her with her horns)

Laci & Meg on the 4-wheeler

Megan was soo sleepy by the time we left.. she was giggling in her sleep!!

Thank you mammaw & papaw Grant for everything, we love you so much!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Loving Life!!

Ben and I have really been enjoying this nice weather. We've spent almost each night this week grilling out, listening to baseball, and playing with Avery in the yard.. this is one of my favorite times of the year for all of the above reasons!!

I've also been busy watching Laci play softball a couple nights a week. She is too funny and really good!! I must admit that I look forward to the nights she plays.. Next year will be even better because Megan will be old enough to play too, watch out world!!

Since coming back from spring break Ben is officially in his senior semester of nursing school!! YAY, we are all soooo proud of him!! Have I mentioned that he's on the honor roll?!!

Ben and I have started watching the new show Parenthood, it's AWESOME!! I have also always been a huge fan of American Idol.. I must admit this year it's letting me down. There are no wow performers, but I continue to DVR & watch.

We are taking advantage of this time together, just the two (three including Avery) of us!! We still talk daily about Weslee and our feelings. For some reason the past couple weeks have been extra emotional for me. I can't pinpoint any specific reason, I just cry @ the smallest things. Don't get me wrong, I don't sit & cry to Ben, in fact when we talk about her it's always uplifting conversations. I mostly get emotional with certain songs, sermons, peoples comments... need I go on?? I have a feeling I'll be like this, well forever??

I look forward to what this year brings, honestly I have a feeling it's going to be a great year!! I can say that with so much more faith than I ever thought I could have. We learned last year to let go & let God, that's what we're doing and look forward to seeing what His plan is for us!!