Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Six years ago today our world was rocked for the better when Laci Kyle Bohannan was born. She is so smart, sweet, athletic, beautiful, sassy... I could go on & on. She really is one of my best friends, if I have anyting to do with it, it'll be that way forever!! I love having nieces, it's such a special bond that I can't explain. Happy Birthday Laci, we love you so much!!

the birthday girl having a piece of cake!!

reading is one of her favorite things to do, we're all so proud!!

some of the fam gathered for her big day!!

me & the 6 year old Laci!!

one of her many gifts was the Justin Bieber CD, she was sooo excited!! She also got a Justin Bieber tshirt to go with it!!

Swim day!!

We enjoyed some time @ the pool last week, the girls LOVE LOVE LOVE to swim. Megan even started jumping off the diving board with no floaties & swimming to the side. We're so proud of her but @ the same time we have to watch her every move. The child has no fear, unlike Laci who always follows the rules!! Sounds like my sister & me growing up... & now!! I can't wait to see who baby girl B #3 is going to act like!!

Laci soaking up the sun, trying to dry off..

Megan Lynn

this child has no fear!!

Laci was not ready to go home, these two girls could swim all day!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

I'm a day late on this post but we had a busy day yesterday with working, school, & eating with family.

On July 21, 2010 (yesterday) Ben & I celebrated our 3 year anniversary!! It seems like yesterday we were both living in Fayetteville, working @ Outback playing hard to get with each other.. oh the memories I have with Ben!!

If you would've told me years ago what Ben & I would go through in our first three years of marriage I would've been skeptical.. when we talked about our future we always talked about our dream jobs, cars, & names of our future children. Never would I of imagined working for a plastic surgeon as a RN, Ben having a career change @ 30 (which he loves), getting an English Mastiff (dog/horse), struggling with infertility, & losing our first child. Those are just some of the highlights.. All of these life changes came with good & bad emotions.. but through it all I'm so proud to say we stood by each other!! Our relationship is stronger today than it has ever been. Ben & I are opposites in so many ways but we compliment each other wonderfully.

I'm not much on mooshy mooshy talk but I do love my husband and am so blessed that we're on this journey together.. we cherish every day we have together because we've learned each day is a gift!! We do not worry about tomorrow because we know where we're going when this journey is over... & guess who will be waiting for us with open arms........ we talk often of our daughter, Weslee and will continue to forever!! I am still constantly overwelmed by the void I feel that she's not here... having Jesus Christ, Ben, Avery (our dog/child), and amazing family support gets me through each day.

I love you Ben and look forward to each and every anniversary we will share and the memories we will make along the way!!


Friday, July 16, 2010


CONGRATULATIONS to Ben for taking & passing the NCLEX on Wednesday!!! We are officially past our first obstacle on his career path. I had no doubts that he would pass the test but it's always nerve racking taking then waiting two days for the results...

Benny, I'm so proud of you (I know you're probably sick of me telling you that) but I honestly am so blessed to have such an amazing partner on this road called life. You've surprised me more in the past year with your faith, dedication, & determination to me & our family!! You've kept your head high & priorities in line. We've been through more in the past year 1/2 than most couples go through in their entire lives. I look forward to our future, including making you note cards, asking you questions, another couple graduations, adding to our family, & enjoying every day we have!! (of course it doesn't have to be in that order) LOVE YOU!!

4th of July!!

So I know I'm a little (a lot) late on this post but I wanted to share some pictures from our fun day @ the Grant farm!! It's always wonderful to be able to get together with family, we don't do it near enough..

it got a little toasty so Laci decided to run through the sprinkler!!


our cousins, Katie - Adam - Grant

Laci & blackjack

Wes, Hannah, & Ben

Katie & Jace who got engaged on the 4th!!!! They are getting married in December, and I am honored to be a bridesmaid!! Congratulations again you two!!

Megan always wants to ride on the 4-wheeler

Uncle Marc & Aunt Connie (dads sis)

mom & Amber

Wes & mammaw Grant

Hanny & Megan

Megan & I

Laci & Ethel (the goat)

the fam!!

papaw Grant

At the end of last year I told you all that my papaw Grant was diagnosed with stage IV lung CA. Here it is almost 8 months later & he's still giving it all he's got!! His biggest issues are his weight (which he's losing) & pain control. He's going to start with a pain doctor soon so we're hopeful that will alleviate some of his discomfort..

Thank you mammaw & papaw Grant for another wonderful gathering @ the farm, we're so blessed!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

close to home...

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us - Ephesians 3:20

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wild River Country

Monday since mom & I were both off we decided to go with Amber & the girls to Wild River Country. I must say, I can't remember the last time I had been.. I got a double work out.. since Amber's pregnant she can't ride any of the rides & mom refused to. This meant double duty for auntie!! We wanted to get there when it opened to try & get a few chairs.. we weren't the only ones with that idea. Honestly, it wasn't to crowded..

the diva's waiting to get in..

wait for it.....

got her!!



where's Laci??

found her!!

BIG sisters!!

We had a great time!!

Redneck.... maybe a little!!

This past weekend we decided to break out the girls water slide in mom & dads back yard since it's flat. Needless to say it was a big hit!! The girls started playing around 11 and didn't deflate the slide until after 4!! Amber said, they got their money's worth in one day for sure!! I also must say the girls did not come inside once.. food was brought to them, they snacked on & off all day. We also got out the slip in slide which was a lot of fun!! We ate, laughed, threw water balloons, and got really wet!!

the slip-in-slide!!

Wes joined in on the fun!!

"No uncle Wes!!"

He was trying to be careful with his foot & he busted it!!

we all got a good laugh!!

Laci finishing off her front roll down the slide...

Wes & Meg filling up water balloons!!

watch out!!

"more water balloons!!"

Having a blast!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Deal or Dud??

So since we've had Avery the only down side I've found is her shedding.. of course it's worse right now with it being so hot outside. The problem with Avery is that she's never been to a groomer, she's a super clean dog and her hair is short. The few times she's been dirty, we've put her in the shower. A month or so ago Ben found a "ferminator" and bought it... I figured we'd wasted money and she would not let us get close to her with it. So after cutting her nails tonight we snuck it out.. to our surprise, she just laid there. I'm pretty sure we got off two more Avery's!!

the final product!!

"feels good!!"

"Are we done yet??"

it just kept coming & coming!!

it was a DEAL!!!

Uncle Ben!!

The girls & uncle Benny - present

Laci & Ben - past!!

Ben has not been able to start working as a nurse yet because of all the paperwork that has to be done... therefore, he's had a ton of time off, which has been fun!! Today he took Laci to see Toy Story 3. Amber said she showered herself, picked out her own clothes, fixed her own hair, put on jewelry, and even found a purse to take. While Amber was getting ready for the day she said Laci told her not to worry that she would go wait for Ben at the door, she didn't need to go. Amber said, it was like her first date. (I was working today so I didn't get a picture of their date) It melts my heart that Ben took time out of his day to help make Laci a special memory!! He's going to be a fantastic father, I can't wait to see him with our children one day!! Until then (& always) we will spoil our nieces like crazy, including #3 due in November!!