Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Avery's going to be a big sister!!!

It's true, Ben and I are having a baby!! I'm sure you've already heard/read something Amber (my sis) has written!! She's beyond excited; been wanting this since Ben and I said 'I do' haha
I've known since July 1 that I might be preggers..... I went to the doctor yesterday (7-27) which confirmed it.. I actually got to see and hear the heartbeat of 141!!!! Below are a couple of pictures I tried to capture of the actual home pregnancy test. I'm pretty sure when it was all said and done I took about six... just in case!!
Ben and I are beyond excited about this new adventure we're about to go on... I've been saying this whole time that God sure has a sense of humor!! Ben will be in his junior level of nursing school when baby M is due.... thankfully, I have a wonderful boss and a flexible schedule that I'll be able to bring baby M to work with me for a few months!! My boss told me, "surely you don't want to stay home six weeks." As for now that's the only big decision we've made... with Ben and I both being nurses we're hoping to have our schedules where one of us will be able to stay home with baby M.... We're so blessed to have such great family and friends!!
Please keep us in your prayers....
Baby M is due March 9, but I'm not a fan of odd numbers so I'm bumping it to March 8 (I know March is an odd month but as long as you say March and not 3 I'm fine with it) I'm feeling great, working 5 days a week and taking a lot of naps!! I will try and be a better blogger and keep things updated... I'm one of those people who LOVES pregnant women and their bellies so when one starts to pop out I'll be sure and put pictures up!!
All you dog lovers (not my sister) don't worry about Avery, she's our #1 baby and always will be!! (She will continue to sleep in our bed)


Leah said...

Congrats again!!! As far as your dog being #1... haha I said that too about our cat and dog and well, they aren't anymore sadly. Babies are way way more demanding and our poor Emma doesn't get the walks she used to or played with near like she used to. I hate it but Perri comes first now. Anyhow... congrats!!

Shelli Robertson said...

Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you guys. My two yorkies still sleep in our bed to. We were determined to make sure they knew they were still important. Well, good luck with everything and those due dates can so change. Mine was march 1st and Micah was born Feb. 13th. So you might have a baby on an even numbered month:)