Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beach 09'

I realized I have yet to put up beach pictures... I have 100's so I picked out a few of my favs!! This year since Ben and Brad couldn't go we decided to scale down and not go as far... we ended up @ Orange Beach and stayed @ the Phoenix West. It's so crazy to think that next year we'll have a little baby going with us!!

the Benton girls we ran into.. Brad got to join us the last couple days
Megan holding Laci under water - it's amazing how strong she is!!

We talked Megan into riding the slide with Laci - she only did it once!! Every other time she had to ride with an adult..... dad, Laci, & Meg were @ the slide by 7:30 every morning!!

Fearless Megan
Laci came out of mom & dads room and said, "ready to work out?" she has on nonny's work out staples!! (hat & watch)

the slide Laci went down 4862 times
Megan & mom and their bowl of peaches (which they consumed in one sitting)

View of the slide from our room - it was a big hit!!

The view of the slide/lazy river from our room Megan burried in the sand

While waiting to eat @ LuLu's Laci got a hair wrap, she was soo proud!!


Laci and Megan loved these floaties in the ocean!! Like mother, like daughter!!

mom & dad

Wes and Laci heading to boogie board

At night we would go down to the slide/lazy river and let the girls swim!!

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