Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter @ the Grant Farm!!

This afternoon we went to my grandparents farm to eat lunch & let the kiddos hunt Easter eggs. We were able to see some family that doesn't get to come to Arkansas that often. They have three girls, one Laci's age and twins that are Megan's age.. it was fun watching them interact.

I have to share a story with you.. Amber is going to kill me for putting this on here but I think it's worth having written documentation. The kids, their moms, Aunt Connie, Uncle Marc, Adam, & mammaw walked down to the creek.. Laci wanted to ride the 4-wheeler so I took her on that.. As soon as I turned it on she said, "they're going to be pissed we're on here." GASP?? Yea, me too!! I turned the 4-wheeler off, trying to hold my laughter and asked her what she said.. she repeated it with a giggle, she knew it was inappropriate!! I asked her where she heard that word, she said me.. I must admit they learn a lot of "words" from Auntie but that's not my favorite.. I said, no for real Laci and she said, "mom!" The point of this story.. kids listen and hear everything!! Did I mention Laci is 5??? (I hope this story doesn't offend anyone, it's just raw honesty) Kids say the darndest things!!

We had a wonderful time and look forward to more of this beautiful weather and making memories @ the farm!!

Amber & her girls

Megan in the creek

Laci Kyle

the girls playing in the creek, they loved it!! Laci said once or twice that we should've brought our swimsuits..

Laci with her Easter eggs & basket mammaw Grant got her!!

& Megan with hers!!

the girls with some of their cousins waiting to go find Easter eggs!!

Laci & Ethel (trying to get her with her horns)

Laci & Meg on the 4-wheeler

Megan was soo sleepy by the time we left.. she was giggling in her sleep!!

Thank you mammaw & papaw Grant for everything, we love you so much!!


The Schramkos! said...

hahah well Sarah all I have to say is...if thats the worst she has said I am impressed! She is probably holding back the really bad ones for a special occasion.. ya know.. like sunday school lol. Boston is only 2 and she has said butthole( which I never say and I doubt Chris does!) And she can shake her booty like I dont know WHERE she learned it! They do say and do the darndest things but all we gotta do is not make a big deal about it and move on.. its so hard not to laugh at them though! Have a happy Easter!

Lindsey said...

HAHAHAH such a great story! I hope you had a Happy Easter!