Sunday, October 5, 2008

about time...

We figured it was time to update our blog..

Our lives are pretty consistent week to week.. work M-F, play with the girls every chance we get, watch football on Friday night and Saturday, usually make a run to Target, and church on Sunday.. accompanied by my Sunday afternon nap!!

Avery keeps us laughing!! She is growing every day, her personality has really come out!! We've been taking her to a puppy class on Thursdays @ the Saline County Fairgrounds.. the first two weeks she just sat there.. literally, did not move!! I was okay with not taking her back but Ben insisted.. by the third week she was walking on her leash and playing with all the other dogs!! If nothing else, she's got perfect attendance : ) We're going to post some new pictures of her soon!!

This past weekend mom and I went to see Wes pitch in Shrevport, LA. He did great!!!! We had time to watch his game on Friday, eat breakfast and shop with him all morning on Saturday and then head back to Benton.. quick trip but completely work it!!

I've loved watching Ambers creative side come out.. check out her blog @ she has some awesome ideas!!! She will be @ Old fashioned Day this coming Saturday, come see us!!!

I recently decided to cut my hair off.. I've got this habit of growing it to my shoulders and chopping it.. then I'll repeat that cycle.... Anna Williams (@ Genesis) cut it and did an awesome job!! I'm so thankful for her and her patience.. Thank you again Anna!!!!

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The Williams' said...

I'm so glad you still like it! I told Michael the other day that I was wondering if you did! We go to the doctor this afternoon, so by the time we get to the game tonight we will know what we are having!!!! YAY!!!