Saturday, May 30, 2009

new piece of furniture!!

Ben and I met Mary Ann (his mom) @ a garage sale a few weeks ago.. it wasn't a typical garage sale, it was one of her close friends who lives in WLR. We went over on a Thursday to get an early look before Saturday.. When I saw this chaise lounge, I HAD to have it.. it's a little big for our room and don't mind the zebra sheets with the leopard chair.. it's a work in progress!!basically it's become a stepping stool for Av to be able to get onto our bed easier : )
a close up of sleeping beauty..
We've been in our house a little over a year and we love it!! We are having soo much fun buying new things when we can.. We got a few other things @ the garage sale that we love!! (Bakers rack X2, pillows, greenery, a planter pot, something for Ben to use when he grills, and a globe)
All for decoration of course!!
Most people say the first couple years of marriage are the hardest but I have not found that to be true.. I will admit you learn a lot about each other but I find that fascinating!! I am more in love with Ben today than I was yesterday..
These next couple of years will be tough on us financially with Ben being in school full time.. Thankfully, we've been good at saving $$ over the past couple years. I have a great job and Ben will be able to work on the weekends. We are soo exciting about our future and what it holds.. it's all in Gods hands and we're comfortable with that..
until next time...


Amber said...

I can't believe you let that dog on the chaise....and the pic of the dog crotch is gross!!!!

Trumbo Family said...

I think Amber's comment is hilarious. Family members shouldn't be able to comment..haha