Saturday, May 30, 2009

we're still here!!

Not much is new with us.. it's been a while since our last post. Ben is still working in the ER @ Baptist Springhill (NLR.) Going from the corporate world to the medical field is a BIG change, I was concerned of how he would take it.. thankfully, he LOVES it!! He is eager to start school in July!! My work is still going great, the economy (surprisingly) has not hurt our plastic surgery practice!!
Below are some recent pictures of Avery.. this one is how we find her every morning once we get up.. she's pitiful, really!! Ben was determined she would NOT sleep in our bed.. well, 2 against one and we won!! All 115lb of her sleeps with us!! Thankfully we have a king bed..
too bad she's only one and still growing...............CHEEESE!!
our pride and joy : )

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carozza said...

tell ben to look out for my sister, nikki cosh. she starts nursing school at baptist in july.