Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Megan!!

On December 7 Megan Lynn Bohannan celebrated her 4th birthday!! Where has the time gone, it seems like yesterday we were waiting on her to get here... She had a party with her friends at a local jumping place the Saturday before her actual birthday. Ben and I were in Branson so we were unable to attend :( On her actual birthday we had a small get together at their house. Mammaw & papaw Caple and aunt Brenda (moms parents & sister) were able to stop by.

mom, Orene (mammaw) Doc (papaw) & Brenda

Orene with Brynn

One of the many gifts Megan got was a home pedicure kit.. Auntie has spoiled the girls with going to get their nails done so what better gift!!

Brad took Laci and Meg to see Tangled a week ago.. she got a Tangled bath time fun kit.

New attire

The girls giving each other pedicures!!

Just blew out the candles & now enjoying their favorite part... licking the candles!!

The new Shrek movie - I'm not sure who loves the movies more us or the girls!!

Happy Birthday cake!!

The birthday girl!!

Megan is loved more than she knows and got some wonderful presents from friends and family!!

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