Sunday, January 2, 2011

The (Sonny) Grant Farm - Christmas 2010

Every year for the Grant side of the family we go out to the "Grant" farm. This year we celebrated on Christmas eve with a huge breakfast. Since the family is growing we decided a few years ago to play dirty Santa. Basically, you bring a present for each member of your family. We draw numbers to see what order we go in.. you always want the numbers later in the line so you can steal the best presents!! There are presents that are wanted by all, some that are hilarious, embarrassing, but that's what makes it memorable!! Here is a glimpse into our dirty Santa 2010:

mam maw Grant playing dirty and taking Marc's present!!

Marc's gift he ended up with will be a returning dirty Santa present I'm guessing.. two night lights with Brad's picture on them!!

poor Hannah... her first experience with dirty Santa with the Grant family and she picks edible candy undies HAHAHA I'm pretty sure Jace & Katie ended up with those (the newly weds) {don't judge us, all the gifts are in good fun}

Jace & Katie.... and the candies :)

mam maw Grant with her great granddaughter Brynn

Hannah & another present, a car detailing set.. no worries Brad ended up with it!!

Brad teaching Laci the ropes, to take the good stuff!! $25 Starbucks gift card (for her mom of course)

Katie & Megan

some of the family

dad making sure we all were on the same page with the dirty Santa rules.. the Grant family is known to be competitive!!

Ben opening up his first pick, a cup cake holder.. which Katie snatched!!

mom with her camo gloves she picked, soon to be swiped by Adam

Brad picked a gift that has been in the pile the last couple of years... it's a guy sitting on a commode that sings, thankfully there was a gift card attached!!

Katie & Jace Holmes

Grant, Amber (Brynn), Adam, aunt Connie

uncle Benny with Laci playing possum

It was a bittersweet Christmas without our beloved papaw Grant.. he would of been so proud of some of the "dirty" gifts!! I love the times at the farm we have together as a family. We are all so real, honest, happy, hard working, and proud of each other!! Thank you for the memories, already planning next years dirty gifts!!

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