Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mississippi weekend!!

Last weekend my mom, dad, Hannah (Wesley's girlfriend) and myself got to take a road trip to Starkville, Mississippi to watch Wes and his team play!! It was a tournament with Iowa and Mississippi State. They were calling for rain all weekend so we packed sweat shirts and jeans.. what we weren't prepared for was how could it was!! Friday was just windy but Saturday it was rainy, windy, & cold!! We definitely didn't' have enough clothes.. Sunday before the games we ran around town (which is very small) to look for any type of warm clothing. We found scarves and gloves on a sale rack at a Dollar General. We stayed in the same hotel as the team so we were able to spend a lot of time with Wes before and after the games!! It was such a wonderful weekend even though the weather was crazy!!

Mississippi State has a unique field and it was neat to play there!!

Wes and Hanny

Hanny and I

mom dad & myself trying to stay dry & warm

The 3 of us one night eating out

This would be from Sunday's double header games, possibly the coldest of the games!!

FREEZING!!! Yes, I had on a rain jacket with ear warmers on.. it was so windy I did whatever I could to stay warm!!


the field

Wes doing what he does, pitching!!

It was a great weekend, it's always so refreshing to see Wes!! He's had a long journey and we're so proud of what all he's overcome!! Their official season began last night and they won, they also won today so they're starting out on a great start!! I look forward to many more road trips and cheering for the Georgia State Panthers and #34!!

Love you uncle Wes, we're so proud of you!!

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