Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Here is a recap in pictures of Charlee's arrival into the world!!

My water broke at home, in bed (thankfully) around 0500 on Sunday, August 26 2012.  I showered, we made sure we had everything we thought we needed, took a few pictures, and headed to the hospital. 
They confirmed my water had broken and immediately got me hooked up to monitors.. hearing her heartbeat was music to our ears.  I must admit, my sis & I have watched a baby story for years and I've always dreamed of being that woman hooked up to everything.. I actually asked the nurse to turn the volume up so I could hear her heartbeat!!
 My sister, Amber/auntie Am & mom Susan/nonny were the first to arrive - my biggest fans!!
My sister-in-law Katherine/auntie KK & her husband Trent/uncle Crow followed soon after :)
My brother Wes/beesh, and his fiance` Hannah/hanny.. (notice my brothers shirt in this picture, there's a story I'll tell later about this)
 brother & sisters - Amber and I are 5 years apart, Wes and I are three.. I'm the middle child
bro & sis, Kat & Ben
Charlee's aunties who have already spoiled her and love her more than words can express!!
My supportive in-laws, this is their first grandchild :) Mary Ann/gammy & Phil/papa
Amber never left my side once arriving at the hospital, it was such a neat experience going through childbirth with her literally by my side.
The absolute, hands down best nurse & CRNA out there, Buffy & Rose!!
Laci and Megan (my two oldest nieces) came up after school, they had on their "I'm the BIG cousin!" shirts and were beyond excited to meet Charlee!!
my crazy brother-in-law Brad
I'm at a 10, time to push!!  My epidural was amazing, we were all so surprised I progressed so quickly and that it was time to push.. I was feeling amazing!!
No going back....
contractions - that I didn't feel :)
all ready for miss CK!!
is this really happening to me?!!
all we need is a baby now....
looking back the doctor probably thought we were crazy because my sis, Ben, and I were laughing and joking while I was pushing.. mainly because I couldn't feel anything and I had no idea how I was pushing or even if I was.  Once they put her on my chest the last 4 years of trying to have a healthy baby came flooding out..
Earlier in the morning we all said what we thought she would weigh... everyone said over 7 lbs but Wes, he guessed 6 lbs 9 oz.. I thought she'd weigh around 7 lbs.  So when they told us she was 6 lbs 2 oz we were all surprised!!   I was thankful afterwards because I did have to have an episiotomy, stage 2.  I can't imagine if she were bigger, yikes!!
proud mommy & daddy!!
so in love!!
she's here & she's perfect!!
I have so many pictures from this day.. my sis did an amazing job documenting for us!!  I'll continue the posts between feedings and loving on our Charlee!!

It was an amazing day & experience!!

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Amber said...

So many wonderful memories!!! I don't think I will ever get tired of looking at these pictures! What an incredible day!