Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Avery - 1 year old!!

Avery is a year old and getting so big... she now weighs close to 115lb!! She still sleeps in our bed, I've created a monster!! She really is a good dog, she loves Ben and I soo much!! Our family laughs because she's soo spoiled but she's all we've got for now.. she will always be our #1 baby!! This is Avery's pool she LOVES!! It's also become a water dish.. I clean it out and put fresh water in it a couple times a week..

It's so funny that she always goes to the shady part of the grass.. she's like a human I swear!!
This is her play mode.. she's either about to pounce or start chewing on a toy..

typical Av position.. we say she's "airing out"

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