Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Our close family friends, the Burton's have been out of town the past week.. we were told to use their pool as often as we'd like... we took them up on their offer!!

Laci has been a swimming fool this summer!! She's now jumping off the diving board with no floaties and swimming to the side.. she attempted a front flip and belly flopped.. she reverted back to the floaties for a few more jumps.. she's now back to no floaties!!
Wes will be attending Georgia State in the fall to play baseball.. we are soo proud of him!! Here Laci is cheering for him, "Go Georgia State Panthers!!" Laci was wanting me to get off the floatie and play in the water!!
mom and Wes
My brother, Wes and I
Wes being.. well, Wes!! (AKA Michael Phelps)

Wes being too cool for school!!
Mom and Laci
Laci swimming!!!!
We go to the beach in a few weeks, we're soo excited!! Ben will not be able to go, he starts school July 6!!!

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