Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lake Hamilton 2009

Some friends let us use their lakehouse for the weekend.. Amber and her fam went up and stayed Friday night, the rest of us met them on Saturday for a fun filled day on the lake!! Ben had to work so he wasn't able to attend, we really missed him!!

Amber and I after a loooong day on and off the lake.. the girls being goofy acting like Nonny (aka mom) in their matching hats!!
just Megan!!
Megan was terrified of the tube.... that is when it was hooked to the boat. I'm guessing it's because everytime someone fell off we'd all yell, clap, laugh, etc. I'm pretty sure she thought we were hurting them.. when it was on land she decided to get in, then proceeded to tell me, "get in Auntie!!"
Laci and her big catch - ha
Her daddy was there to get it off for her..
Laci and I with our matching french braids courtesy of Amber!!

Laci pushing Wes into the lake!!
Diva (she takes after her mom)
Brave Laci and Wes on the tube
mom and I
Nonny & Poppy!!
like mother, like daughter!!
typical Brad face - haha
Wes, dad, and Meg (picking her nose)
Megan with her life jacket on.. which she wasn't fond of!! Amber let the girls get in the lake with their floaties on, it made a world of difference!!
She's getting too old, tooooooo quick!!
me and my loves!!!!!!!!!
We had a blast @ the lake, we hope to do it again soon!! Only this time with Benny : )

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