Saturday, December 26, 2009

Grant CHRISTmas

Traditionally we always go over to my mom & dads to open our presents Christmas morning... this year Ben had to work so we waited until he got off @ 7... I thought the girls were going to go crazy waiting!!

Ben and I have been on a budget since he started back to school. We decided not get each other much, if anything... we opened the few gifts we had for each other Christmas Eve. I took a picture of what he got me w/ my iPhone; I'll download it and put it up soon. It is very special and there's a story that goes behind the gift... I'll explain once I post the pic.

My parents always go above & beyond when it comes to buying us gifts... We hope they know how special they make each Christmas for us!!

Here are the pictures from Christmas night w/ the Grants... aka Griswold's!!

Last Christmas mom got the guys a pair of pajama pants.. they say something about opening a can of something on somebody??? haha Needless to say, Ben is sporting them!! This year he got grinch pants, so I'm sure he'll be wearing those next year!! (bless his heart, he had just worked a 12 hour shift) Brad w/ his typical picture face wearing his new North Face jacket
Wes too got a North Face jacket
Laci and Benny
There's a story that goes behind this picture... my dad has acquired a few new "friends." Every night there are two raccoons, Ricky & Rotnei, and Peter the possum that comes to their back door.. they started feeding them their leftover dinner (or whatever dad finds in the pantry) and they come back every night... it's amazing how much weight they've put on!! It's a family joke now that dad has new friends.. he's very protective of them too!! When they visited Wes in October, I went over and made sure they had some food!! This particular present is a raccoon puzzle.. we've started putting together puzzles @ the particular house were at.. we have one going @ the Bohannan's, our house, & theirs!!
Megan has taken a special liking in Tinker Bell... here is her new costume!! After she put it on she asked me where her high heels were!!
Laci & her new gymnastics suit!! I remember the days I could pull that outfit off too... I have to think real hard but they're there!!
Of course Meg got one too!!
and again...
The girls got matching GSU (Georgia State Panther) shirts w/ Wes's # on the back!! We can hardly wait for baseball season to start and road trips to watch uncle Wes play!!
This is particularly funny because it's a Popeye shirt w/ no head.... Wes happened to pose like this which makes him look like Popeye!!
Megan decided to "bust Laci up," this was the end result!!
Laci being attacked; they both went down (They were getting restless waiting on uncle Ben)
The Noah's Ark puzzle going on @ mom & dads house (this will be framed and go in the baby room @ our house)
dad & Megan
Laci trying to pout waiting on Ben to get home... & yes those are all her presents in the chair behind her!!
Amber & her girls
Laci showing off her new charm bracelet
Amber's present from Brad was an iPhone.... this is how she was until Ben got there!!
mom's mantle in the living room; very pretty!!
my two favorite girls!!
Wes always has this water bottle in the fridge... Megan thought it was funny to drink from it too!!
eating dinner waiting for Benny to get home already!!
Laci was handing out cards to all the different piles of presents!! She was supposed to sort out the presents but she only found the ones w/ her name on them!!
I know I've said this before but we are truly blessed!! Obviously, opening presents and getting new "things" is fun but we rejoice for the real meaning of the season!!

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love, love holiday pictures...and enjoyed yours...So glad to be back to reading my favorite blogs....and off a ladder decorating trees...
I am so glad that I joined the blog world....and have made so many sweet friends....Blessings in 2010