Sunday, December 13, 2009

our past few weeks

I realized once I posted all the pictures that I should've posted the pictures first then wrote what I had planned... needless to say, you'll have to look @ the pictures then find out what we've been up too!! A quick overview; we went to Branson w/ Ben's family this weekend. It was lit beautifully for CHRISTmas, very cold but we were bundled up and comfortable!!

Mary Ann always takes this bag of "essentials" with us anytime we travel.. I'm holding a pulse ox and a stethoscope!! I believe there was an updraft machine in the bag too!! We were having a good laugh at her expense... we wont be laughing when we actually have to use something in her bag!! The Christmas water/light show on the Landing
this is one of the views from our balcony... each couple had their own condo, we are spoiled!!
Mary Ann and Katherine (Ben's mom & sis)
Another view of the water/light show
Branson Landing
typical!! Weslee's dad!!
Ben and Mary Ann (his mom) Trent, Katherine, myself, & Ben (Ben's sis & our BIL)

the girls
In front of the big Christmas tree @ the Landing

2 of my favorite things: Ben and a CHRISTmas tree!!

I am so happy to report that it's been a great few weeks!!

My youngest niece Megan turned 3 on December 7!! We celebrated that night @ Amber's house with family and a few close friends. I get asked a lot if Megan is mine, to that I answer, she might as well be and she sure does act like me!! I think this is a great thing, although it makes Am & Brad a little nervous!!

We had my work Christmas party on the 9, which is always a good time. I've said this before, but I truly love my job!!

Ben and I got back today from a Branson trip w/ his family!! Needless to say, it was a much needed getaway for us!!
My papaw Grant goes back to the doctor soon so please keep he and the rest of my family in your prayers!!


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Oh, I so want to check out the lights at Branson, but we won't be able to this year! You look great!! Will be praying for your grandpa.

Trumbo Family said...

Looks beautiful! We are going this weekend and staying in the same balcony's worth the view! We'll be sure to bundle.
Glad you guys are doing good. Great pics!