Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mizell CHRISTmas

The day after Christmas we celebrated w/ Ben's immediate & extended family. We got together for lunch @ Ben's parents house & opened our gifts there. Once again, we were spoiled like crazy!! Later that afternoon we went to Grammy & Grampy's house (Phil's parents) to eat & exchange gifts there..

Ben & Trent playing w/ a Cowboys vs Redskins checkers game
Ben relaxing after eating
cousin Mark w/ one of his nieces (who is an identical twin - I'm not using the girls names without their moms permission!!)
At Grammy & Grampy's, Grammy always has a table set up w/ all kinds of food on it like this.. we all snack the whole time!!
the girls & I and our boots!!
This is where Mary Ann & I stayed for most of the evening....... by the food table : )
Grampy & his son Joe (Phil's brother & dad)
Grammy, Ben, and his cousin (the twins' brother)
Ben's present from his parents (a notebook computer to take to class)
Katherine's gift, a 22" TV for their bedroom
Mary Ann & Phil - thank you guys again for everything, you went above & beyond!!
Trent & Katherine
Ben & I
My gift from the Mizell's was a new camera!!!!!!! I've needed one for so long, I can't say that I've ever had a nice camera... (it's the one on the Ashton Kutcher commercial)
We have officially completed all of our Christmas get togethers!!
Since Ben worked on Christmas day I had a lot of time during the day by myself... I found myself thinking about the obvious so I decided it was time to get busy.... therefore, I started taking down Christmas decor. Christmas is my favorite time of year, I start looking forward to it @ the start of fall.. but as soon as it's over I'm ready for summer!! I'm looking forward to 2010 and the new beginnings it will bring!!!


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Great pics!!

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Come link up with the Arkansas Bloggers group. It's not a finished product yet, but it is a start. Maybe perfection will come later:) There are no rules or obligations...just a working list of people with Arkansas or Arkansas-related blogs. Happy New Year!