Sunday, August 22, 2010

Niece #3!!

I'm a tad bit late on posting this but can't believe I forgot.. chances are, if you read my blog you also read my sister's and already know the exciting news!! Her third daughter and my niece has a name... Brynn Bradley Bohannan!! I haven't mentioned in a while how excited I am about her arrival!!! Amber went to baby views at 17 weeks and found out she was having a girl.. when she's closer to the big day she's going to do 4D pictures. I cannot wait and I'll post pics when that time comes!! Being an "auntie" is the most rewarding thing in the whole wide world!! These girls treat me like I'm the most amazing person on the universe. Each time I see them it's like the first and it melts my heart!! The girls have such pure hearts and are so innocent. Laci and Megan still ask me randomly about Weslee.. questions like, is she still in Heaven, was she sick, do you have a baby in your belly, etc.. obviously at first these questions choked me up but each time they ask it gets easier... Megan tells me she wants me to have two babies, one named Maggie and the other Deuteronomy. Laci wants me to have a boy.. who knows what God has in store. I can't wait to see who/what Brynn looks like, will she have blue eyes like her sisters or darker eyes like her daddy?? One more reason I'm ready for fall... baby Brynn arrives!!!

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