Monday, August 23, 2010


Ben has been working out & running since the beginning of this month.. I will post more details @ the end of the month with his statistics. I must admit he's already amazed me and the # changes on the scale are huge!! I decided instead of laying on the couch while he works out I should be doing something too.. I'm not a runner, never have been.. (I always get a cramp in my side haha) A while ago, and by while I mean a year or more I bought the Denise Austin 3-week boot camp DVD @ Target. I also got some weights to go along with it.. hey, she was holding weights in the pictures :) Ben started a new workout regimen tonight so I thought I would start too.. to be honest I'm having trouble typing this because my arms are so numb!! I do feel very proud of myself though, neither Ben or myself thought I could finish the 20 minute routine. The front of the DVD says that you can "trim inches and lose up to 2 dress sizes." I should probably go get an updated workout DVD considering she's wearing a shiny gold belt and halter in this but it's what we've got for now... I've weighed myself today and will weigh again in 3 three weeks. I'm not one that cares what a scale says, I just care if I'm happy when I look in the mirror and right now I'm not.. I've gained more weight since delivering Weslee then the whole 5 months I was pregnant with her!! That's not good - I intend on putting my emotions on this work out and getting lean and mean!! OK not really, just healthy!! to a nice HOT bath!!

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