Sunday, November 6, 2011


Where has the time gone, tomorrow I will be 27!!  When people ask me how old I am I automatically want to say 21, there is no significance with that year it's just what feels right??  Phil, Mary Ann, Katherine & Trent came to our hometown last week to take us out for my birthday dinner.  They are always so generous and invited my fam to join in as well.  They might of second guessed that when Brynn projectile vomited halfway through dinner :) I am so excited that one of my gifts was a camera, my last one bit the dust over a year ago. 

The past few weeks we've celebrated a few other things.. My sis turned 29 again on October 23, we got together at my moms for some yummy fried food!!  I will never be able to make up for my sisters real 30th birthday (in 2009) instead of celebrating like you should a big milestone like that, she was sitting in the hospital waiting for her first niece to be born; stillborn.  She and my mom were literally around me 24/7 from the morning of October 23 to the afternoon of October 24 when she arrived.  If this would of been an exciting time then I wouldn't feel near as bad but the circumstances surrounding those days are ones I never want to repeat.  I know she would not of had it any other way and would repeat those days over and over again to be there for me.  I could not bring myself to post on the actual day itself, October 24 that we met and said goodbye to our Weslee.  I worked that day, my coworkers and boss didn't remember the significance of the day which I liked.. that way no one brought it up and I would not cry.  I tend to internalize my emotions.. to my surprise a beautiful flower bouquet showed up with my name and the sweetest words I've ever read near the end of the day.  Of course the girls in the office were freaking out and wanting to know the occasion.  The flowers were from Ben, Weslee's dad and my best friend!! 

October is now behind us and the holidays are fast approaching.  This is my favorite time of year, college football, cool weather, holidays, family gatherings, chili, Christmas decorations, and shopping to name a few!!    

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