Saturday, November 26, 2011


 On November 22, Brynn Bradley Bohannan turned 1!!!  That night our immediate family got together at my mom & dads for a little celebration. 
 She wasn't sure what was going on but was smiling the whole time and loving all the attention, especially our party hats!!
 Brynn and her nonny
 her "cake" (cup cakes) made by Hannah, Wesley's girlfriend or our good friend ha however you want to look at it.. she did a fantastic job, we hated to eat it!!
 Hannah also made two mini owl for Laci and Megan
 Why are you all wearing hats, singing off key, & taking pictures non stop of me??!!
 yumm, this girl has always loved icing.. just like her mom & nonny
 she didn't leave much behind..
 Amber & her three beautiful daughters!!  Laci - 7 Megan - 4 Brynn - 1
 Laci is all about making signs but I had to get a picture of the wreath my sis made for moms door, she's so creative.. her and Hanny have been making them for others!!
 courtesy of Laci.. of course she put rules on there!!
 the birthday girl!!
pre-game toddy!!

Brynn came into our family at a time when we needed her the most.. after some devastating losses for myself and our family she was a breath of fresh air.  She, like Laci and Megan do something for my heart and soul that I can't put into words!!

Happy Birthday BBB, auntie and uncle Benny love you more than you'll ever know!!

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