Thursday, February 18, 2010

Atlanta trip!!

Last weekend I asked you to pray for a safe trip to Atlanta for my mom, Hannah (Wes's Valentine) & her mom, Mrs. Jodi. Thankfully their trip was a success despite some bad weather along the way.. I was jealous before they left but seeing these pictures makes me even more!! They had a wonderful time & Wes truly loved having them there!! We're planning a big trip in March to watch Wes play!! He's actually on his way now to play Florida State for the season opener. Good luck & GO PANTHERS!!

Here are some pictures Hannah took.. the first is of the chocolate covered strawberries they made for mom & Mrs. Jodi. I'm guessing Hannah did the majority of the work :) The next picture is of Hannah & her mom, Jodi.. they have such a beautiful family, inside & out!! Next is Atlanta @ night, very pretty. Right after they arrived in Atlanta it came a huge snow, the pictures don't do it justice says Hannah. Followed by a close up of Hannah & Wes, cheesing it up!! There's a store in the mall that sells these huge "sac" bean bag type things... Amber & Brad purchased two when they were there in December. They really are huge & comfy!! The next picture is impressive because it captures Wes @ the mall.. he doesn't go often. That's the nice thing about two sisters & a mom who loves to shop. All you have to do is tell us what you need & we've got an excuse to go shop!! Mom & Mrs. Jodi eating when they arrived in Atlanta.. Some things never change... Wes cuddling on mom!! The last night they were there Wes & Hannah decided to make mom & Mrs. Jodi homemade chocolate covered strawberries in Wes's apt & take them to the hotel. I think they did an excellent job, sure looks like it from mom & Mrs. Jodi!! The last picture is my favorite of W & H... love you guys!!


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Those strawberries look SO GOOD! Also, I love those "love sacs"--Matt and I thought about getting one of those a few years ago on a trip. I think Lilly would love it..haha.

Amber said...

What a shame we can't blow up the one of the mom's on the couch eating!!! It is a priceless picture!