Friday, February 26, 2010

Sleep Monster!!

If you're a follower of our blog you know that we have a 120+lb dog that sleeps in our bed... in the past she has always slept between Ben & I towards the end of the bed. For some reason she's decided she wants to cuddle up next to my face, resting her body long ways on our pillows.. (booty in Ben's face) I thought it was cute/funny @ first, now it's an every night event!!

**don't mind the gold fish & sonic drink on my night stand, it's a staple around our house.. (yes, those are thin mints resting on top of my sonic coca-cola classic)

***I'm an avid reader, hence the book pile as well


The Dorns said...

She looks so tiny on your huge bed. I think its kinda sweet like hey mom I wanna cuddle up here and be with you.

Maybe she likes being the baby and doesnt want you guys getting any alone time together. I swear our dog is jealous. My lil dog will always be my baby and I love sleeping with her even though my husband hates it, usually why she ends up on my side of the bed. Thats ok since shes only 4 pounds, I dont know about 120 pounds though. She sure is cute though. What kind of dog is she?

Julee Turner said...

I absolutely love those pics!! It made me smile to see big Avery in bed with you! She has no idea how big she is. I wish my Romeo would snuggle up in bed with me some nights! That is just too sweet!