Friday, May 14, 2010

HESI = check!!

Ben is almost finished with his first of many goals, LPN school!! Before you can graduate and take the NCLEX you have to take a test; HESI is what Baptist gives.. (the one I took was called ATI) You get three attempts to pass or else you're out. Guess who passed it on the first time?? Benny!!! I don't say enough how proud of him I am. He is super smart and tries so hard all the time!! He graduates June 10, I can't believe it's almost time!! He will have six months to work, make money, & gain experience before he starts the RN fast track program in January.. that'll be goal 2 on our journey.. I'll keep you updated on our master plan(s) as we go... I believe we're now on a 4-5 year path to reach his ultimate goal!!

Great job Ben!!


Anonymous said...

Yay Ben! What is his ultimate goal? I just have to say HESI sucks...I go to UAMS and they made us take it between junior and senior year with the same rules applying about 3 tries and we lost so many students! Baptist RN program gained most of them and they will still graduate this year just with a diploma instead of BSN. We now have ATI because I think UAMS realized how much money they were losing as a result of HESI and for those who don't pass ATI they'll just have to take an NCLEX review course before they'll release them to the state board. Sorry, I just rambled a lot to say congrats Ben haha!

Laurie said...

Congratulations Ben...and Sarah!!! Way to go & keep up the hard work!