Friday, May 28, 2010

my best friend, my husband

For some reason tonight I just can't quit thinking about how lucky I am to have Ben as my partner in life. Don't get me wrong, I feel incredibly blessed everyday that I get to wake up next to him!! As many of you know, he had a career change earlier last year.. now I'm so proud to say he's about to graduate the first hurdle on his nursing adventure!! Ben not only goes to school 4 days a week, he works two of his weekend days to help us as a family make ends meet. That leaves him with one day off to sleep in, study, relax, catch up on shows, etc. I can honestly say that he does not complain!! Of course there's the occasional, "man I wish I didn't have to go to work" but that's it and he goes.. While juggling school and work he always makes time for me!! He is ALWAYS willing to cook dinner, help me clean (I'm pretty OCD & like things done the right way, I mean my way) I am one that has always kept my emotions to myself or wrote about them for no one to read.. I've been through a lot through the years that has made me have to lean on others. Although Ben does not like it when I cry he will always offer to listen or give me advice. This past year could have torn us apart, but we're closer than ever. For that Weslee, I am forever grateful baby girl!! Another issue I tend to get emotional about is fertility/infertility and all that goes with it. We learned first hand that we are not in control and it is not our plans, but Gods plan. I can say that I can let go and let God but that's so much easier said than done.. Please pray for me (& Ben) as we go forward every day and try to live according to His Will. We know that God has a special plan for us.. As I type this Ben is cooking us burgers on the grill & baked beans in the kitchen.. after working a 12 hours shift. I'm not saying that for you to praise him or say how lucky I am, I'm saying that because I'm so proud of the man he is!!


Amberle said...

Sarah, I will keep you and ben in my prayers. You are totally right about God being in control. God knows the bigger picture. I understand about infertality. Me and bj struggled with that for a year as well and it was a very hard time and very hard to be patient for God. God knew the exact time for us to get pregnant and it was the best time for us. He will take care of yall but I will be praying for yall.


Two Girls and a Guy! said...

Ill say it! Way to go Ben! And Way to go Sarah! I know you both work very hard, but being a woman it is very nice to have husbands like that(I have one as well) Who reminds me when I am griping about the littlest things that he never says one harsh word about work etc! Its refreshing! I pray for you guys all the time and you are right. God has his timing in things and it feels sooo long to us but it is so quick to him, or vice versa! But the main thing is that we just "wait upon the lord and he will give us the desires of our hearts" and I truly believe that! Love you lots as always!

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