Friday, July 2, 2010

Deal or Dud??

So since we've had Avery the only down side I've found is her shedding.. of course it's worse right now with it being so hot outside. The problem with Avery is that she's never been to a groomer, she's a super clean dog and her hair is short. The few times she's been dirty, we've put her in the shower. A month or so ago Ben found a "ferminator" and bought it... I figured we'd wasted money and she would not let us get close to her with it. So after cutting her nails tonight we snuck it out.. to our surprise, she just laid there. I'm pretty sure we got off two more Avery's!!

the final product!!

"feels good!!"

"Are we done yet??"

it just kept coming & coming!!

it was a DEAL!!!


Leah said...

We have a furminator too for Emma and that thing is ridiculous at how much hair it pulls out. Though, we could seriously do it all day on Emma and she'd still shed like crazy and not look like anything came off haha. Oh the joys :)

Mrs. Williams said...

Looks like that worked great, we are thinking about getting a dog but I'm so worried about the shedding and having a little baby around. What brand is that and were did you all but it at?

Lindsey said...

Sign me up! Where did you guys get it?

Mizell Family said...

Ben got it @ the pet store in Benton.. Petsmart or Petco maybe? Right beside Best Buy @ the Alcoa exchange.. Ben said they have an expensive one but this one was the off brand. (Andias brand I think) I remember it had a picture of a husky at the bottom. It's worth the money, although I'm sure she'll still shed some in the house, this will decrease it by a ton!!!

Seth and Lainie said...

Sarah we have one for our is really insane how much fur just keeps on coming off! Seth would be jealous to see that you have a mastiff! He had one growing up and loved that dog more than anything! :)