Sunday, September 19, 2010


I figured it was time to put up a few new pictures of our #1 girl, Avery.. and walk down memory lane a bit.. I can't explain how instrumental she's been over these past few years.. she always put a smile on our faces, no matter what we're going through. Such unconditional love she has to offer!!



She's almost caught up to my weight, which is a scary thing!! I love getting neighbors reactions when we go on our nightly walks.. to Ben and I she's a lap dog but the comments from outsiders makes us laugh. We passed a little girl in a stroller the other night who asked her mom if she was a cow, too funny!!


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

We would always refer to our labs as "the puppies" even when they were three times the size as Tank and one of our neighbors said, "Those are NOT puppies"...but they really were big babies. Haha.

Two Girls and a Guy! said...

walking her?? Put a saddle on that girl and ride her around the block lol! She sure looks like she wants to be a lap dog!