Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Wes has been back in Atlanta for a good couple weeks now.. we had talked about going to visit him over the long Labor Day weekend. With work, school, and money costs we decided it wasn't a good time. Mom got the idea to see how much a plane ticket would be for Wes to come home Friday and fly back Monday.. we also had to check his baseball schedule. We thought it would be so fun to fly him in to surprise Hannah!! Since he had baseball practice Friday dad got him a later flight.. I told Hannah earlier in the week to take off work Saturday because I had a "special" day planned for us.. that's honestly the only thing I told her and she was a good sport. (unlike myself, I hate surprises and would've thrown a fit) Friday night was the big Benton/Bryant salt bowl which meant the Quinn family would be at the game til late... Wes's plane got in around 11:30 that night so we had Hannah come over to Amber's to hang out and celebrate Brad's birthday.. or so we said.. about 10 minutes after she got to Amber's mom called & said they were pulling up. I said that the neighbor had something they wanted to show us outside so Amber, Hannah, and myself walked into the garage.... which stood Wes!! It was so sweet, Hanny screamed & cried!! Ben and Brad didn't understand why we were getting so involved but it was precious!! That's what sister's are for right :)

We're so glad we pulled it off..

We love you uncle Wes!!

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