Monday, October 18, 2010

getting ready for baby Brynn!!

Since my sis is having her third baby girl she didn't think she would have a shower.. Devon & I couldn't let that happen so we planned a small get together and invited some close friends for an "essentials" shower.. she got some great things she needed for a new one like bath shampoos, lotions, toys, burp cloths, paci's, & some blankets to name a few. She was so thankful and pleased with how it turned out.

yummy food

Becca, Devon, & Amber

punch & cake (made my Devon, so creative)

awesome banner, also made by Devon

Now all we need is baby Brynn to show up!! Amber's due date is around November 27 but we're hoping she gets induced early the week of Thanksgiving!! (we have to be ready for black Friday, priorities!!)

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