Saturday, November 20, 2010

Due Date!!

I can hardly contain my excitement about Tuesday, November 23 because...... my #3 niece, Brynn Bradley Bohannan will be here!!!! It's been a long couple of years for our family personally.. after losing Weslee and Amber having a miscarriage, we joked (warped humor I know) that we just need a baby!!! Well, our desires are coming true and we couldn't be more excited!! Of course Brynn could decide to come any time between now and Tuesday (which Amber would LOVE) but we're elated there's an end in sight!! I'll be the proud, annoying auntie in the delivery room with the camera!! Brynn, you're already loved more than you know and you've got an entourage of people praying for you and your safe and swift arrival!!

*Please take a second and pray for my sister & Brynn and their safety!!

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