Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Brynn decided to make her arrival into the world a day early.. Amber was having some issues that she went in to get checked out Monday morning. They had her walk around for a few hours and when they checked her again she was making progress so they kept her!!!!!!!!!! Fluids, pit, water breaking, Stadol, epidural, & lot's of pressure = a beautiful 6'10, 18 1/2" long beautiful, healthy baby girl!!!!! I am ashamed to say that I have no pictures to put on here right now.. I have some on my phone but have no idea how to get them from there to my computer?!! I was in charge of photography throughout the day and labor but I was using Amber's camera.. so I promise soon I will get copies of those pics or have Ben upload the pics off my phone. I must admit, she is beautiful... not sure who she looks like?? She has tiny features just like her daddy!! Her big sisters are in love and we can't wait to show her off!!

(she was born @ 5:59pm on Monday, Nov 22 - Amber is doing wonderful as well)

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Live, Love, Laugh said...

i don't know much about iphones, but if it has a card there should be a USB/card converter for the computer OR you can email the pictures to your email account and pull them off that way. However, email is much much slower. Congratulations to the whole family! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!