Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Megan!!

On December 7, my second niece Megan Lynn turned 5!!  We had a celebration the Sunday before with a few of her friends and close family.  Of all places Meg chose to have her party at a hunting store!!
 Meg decked out in her camo, with a bow of course!!
They had a wall set up for the kids to shoot arrows, it was a big hit!!

 a few people saw all the cars and thought the store was open so a sign had to be put up..
the awesome cake made my Hannah, she's so creative!!
some of the goods
 Brynn is getting used to these parties!!
Wes and Hanny
 papaw Bo, Laci, & Brad
Meg and her bow she got from her meemee Kathy & grand-dad Bruce
 the birthday girl and her mom
Meg was pumped to get a strap for her (pink) gun, yes I said her gun!!
 Meg and nonny
can you tell what the side of the present picture is??  If not, it's a cash register.. not just any one a real one!!
 she was pumped about it too!!
 Megan had a wonderful party and couldn't wait to hand her party favors out to her friends. 

People say all the time, "yea she's a middle child, he's an only child, she must be the baby.." etc. People continue to tell me today I am the typical "middle child" Although I see what they're saying it does seem silly.. but if we keep with that theme Meg is definitely the middle child, she's actually her aunties mini me.  Which makes Amber and Brad a tad bit nervous :) I figure I can just teach her what not to do.. Megan is one of the smartest, make up wearing, most kind, high heel loving, craziest, big hearted, question asking, hunting enthusiast, beautiful girl I know!!

Auntie, Uncle Benny, & Avery love you more than you'll ever know little bird, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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