Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday to Sarah!!


My birthday was actually on November 7, I'm a little late with the pictures... Ben's family and my family got together and ate @ Cock of the Walk, one of my favorites!!! Mary Ann (my MIL) with Laci and Megan
me and my girls!!
My best friend, sister, & Weslee's Auntie Am!!

Laci and her BFF, Mary Ann

My mom and Ben

Trent & Katherine Crow - my awesome SIL & BIL

a mini version of me.....

My biggest fans!!

Weslee's parents!!
All of these people mean so much to me, I am truly blessed with an amazing family and support system!! I can honestly say, these people are my best friends!!
**for some reason we did not get a picture of my FIL, Dr. Phil (as the girls call him) He too is an amazing man!! My dad also had some prior duties @ the church on this night... don't worry, he had a ton of leftovers!!

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Lindsey said...

Happy Late Birthday Sarah! First of all...I can not believe you are 25. HA Sad part is...I am right behind you. Glad you got to spend the day with your family. :)