Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holiday Season

Since it's November 1, I decided it was time to get down the CHRISTmas decor!! Oh how I love the Holiday season, it's always been my favorite time of year!! Ben just shakes his head @ me, but I'm sure he's secretly excited too!! Obviously this year will be tougher than most... although Weslee would not of been here yet she sure would of had a lot of gifts!! Ben and I talk about her and look @ her pictures often... We know first hand now why people think their child is the smartest, cutest, etc. We're pretty partial to our daughter, even just getting to hold her physical body. We're so thankful for that special time we had with her and our family, memories we'll cherish forever!!

I went to church this morning, a little unsure of how well I could compose myself... it was a remarkable service and God truly blessed me!! It amazes me how instead of being bitter, jealous, angry, I am thankful, blessed, & so truly grateful for all that I have!! When I cry they're tears of joy, Ben and I can't wait to see our daughter again in Heaven!!!!!

This weekend we purchased a special tree that is going to be Weslee's tree!! It's a small white tree with pink and purple ribbon and pink balls!! I was certain we were having a boy so I'm going all out with pink!! It's already decorated and setting on a table when you walk in the front door!! Our plan is to add ornaments to it yearly... she'll always be our first born!!

Thank you for your continued prayers, support, comments, etc.. Ben and I feel how much we are loved!!


The Wilson's said...

You are in my thoughts daily and especially through these upcoming holidays! I lit a candle at church today for your sweet Weslee! I can't imagine what you are going through, but I am so glad you have some pictures, I know you will cherish them forever. She will always be a member of your family, and will always be your first born! God bless you Sarah and Ben!

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

That is such a sweet idea to give Wesless her own tree! I know she will always be your first baby! She will always be very special to you. It is so amazing to see your baby--how she is the perfect combination of both of you. I was hoping and praying that you guys got pictures of her! I am so glad to hear that you did.

You will have to post pictures of all of the CHRISTmas decor. (c: Still praying and thinking of you all!

Jessica said...

I posted an award for you on blog, go check it out. I have been following you through Megan Wilson!

GREG and JANICE said...

That's a really great idea about the tree. I am truly sorry for you, Sarah. I'll keep you in my prayers. You're faith is an encouragement.

A. Hilborn said...

Sarah, I love y'alls idea of the tree for Weslee. Its such a great way to celebrate her and keep her close. We are still praying for you guys and thinking of you every day. God bless you girl!


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