Sunday, November 29, 2009

So much to be thankful for

It's been a while since our last post, honestly it's been a while since I've checked any ones blog... We've been busy celebrating Thanksgiving with both sides of our families!! We were reminded of how privileged we are to be surrounded by people who love and support us unconditionally!! We were also reminded of what will never be...... until we get to Heaven of course!! I (Sarah) have mostly good days but there are the days my mind/heart gets the best of me. We joke that 2009 has not been our year... it started with Ben and I wondering if we could get pregnant, Ben losing his job, finding out we'd never be able to know our daughter on this earth... I will stop right there, sadly I could keep going but I'll save that for a different post.. I say all of that with a broken heart but I can also say that Ben has started a new career path that he loves, we were able to get pregnant, (praise God) & we got to hold our beautiful daughter Weslee Faith........ We do not ask God why this has happened; although, some days I am selfish and want to know "why us?" Through all the different circumstances, we have seen Gods hand. Like I said in an earlier post, some days we have to look for the positives but they're there. Our faith has been tested like never before, people say to me daily that they don't understand how I'm doing "so well..." All I can say to that is that it's a God thing. There are people praying for us all over this world and we feel the peace!!

I do not want you to feel sorry for us, it's therapeutic for me to write out what's on my mind... I find myself talking about Weslee in every post, and probably will forever. She will always be our first born, her birthday will always be celebrated on Oct 24, she will be in our hearts FOREVER!!

2009 may not have been our year but as bad as it hurt/hurts I wouldn't change a thing....... we experienced love in a way we didn't know was possible towards our daughter, each other, family, & friends!! God has a special plan for us all, we are eager to see what he has in store for us!!

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