Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weslee's tree & memories!!

We are proud to show off Weslee's CHRISTmas tree!! Our plan was to get a tree this year and add to it each year.... I'm thinking instead we'll have to get a bigger tree each year, she's spoiled!! very girly
our Faith is what keeps us going!!
Our mam maw Grant found this perfect pink & purple dancer, the colors of her tree!!
Joy - what Weslee Faith brought to all of our lives!! (Thank you Kelea)
2009 - the year our daughter was born!!
Angel wings @ the top of her tree.....
This picture will make more sense in a few pictures.... not only do we have Weslee's tree, we have Weslee's wall... it's in the hallway leading to what would of been her bedroom. All that to say, this is the night light that shines 24/7!!
Our favorite picture of Weslee still in mommy's belly, 20 weeks!! The tiny bear was given to us @ the hospital, the bracelet hanging off the frame is what a nurse made me while we were waiting on her physical body to arrive.
Her room was decorated in Noah's Ark, my sister found this snow globe that sits beneath her Christmas tree.
Right now I'm not @ a place where I can say how much my sister means to me... (that will be another post) Not only has she been my #1 fan throughout this pregnancy, but she's dedicated so much time, money, & love to make Weslee's memory special to us. She is Weslee's Auntie Am, and always will be!!
One of Weslee's 20 week ultrasound pictures
We have been blessed by so many people thinking, praying, & loving us!! This is Weslee's blessing ring with all the notes and letters people have sent to us..... words of encouragement, prayers, & people opening up sharing their stories of love and loss.
Blessing ring
This is the wall my sister decorated ~ in the frame is a poem that someone e-mailed to me (my sis made the frame) I will post what the poem says later, today has been an emotional day for whatever reason and I don't have the strength to type it out... The footprints in the frame are Weslee's actual footprints, tiny I know but we will cherish what we have of her FOREVER!! The dress hanging down is one they let us take home from the hospital. My sis had it monogrammed with her name on it, beautiful!! The beanie baby was also given to us @ the hospital, it's about the same size as our daughter, Weslee. The band on the bear is one I wore during my hospital stay, another reminder of that bitter sweet day...
My sister also made this box for us to put some of Weslee's special items we received @ the hospital. Blankets, socks, hats, etc.
The "W" that hangs on the wall
Olivia, a special friend painted this picture for us
The monogrammed dress, so special!!
I will leave you with this picture.... it's extra special because it's the one my sister dressed her in when she was born. The hat is also the very one she wore, how neat!! There is another poem inside the frame that was given to us @ the hospital. Trina, another special friend gave us a necklace along with another poem... again, I will post them later.
You may be wondering where they found clothes to fit a 6.4oz baby..... my nurse told us about a family that was in a similar situation and the hospital had no clothes to fit their child. They didn't want another family to have to go through the humiliation of "nothing fitting" their baby.... a special team of people make blankets, hats, dresses, etc. and give them to the hospital for families like ours..... My sister knows more details to the story and actually got to go through the closet of goods and pick our Weslee's outfit(s). They sent us home with so many keep sakes... they will never fully know how much their ministry means to us!!
To some I understand it may be crazy that we held, clothed, and loved on our daughter... She was stillborn so it was only her physical body but for us it was closure.....


Tadd and Elizabeth said...

Wow, what sweet posts and pictures of all of Weslee's sweet, precious memories! I love her tree and her wall, you will cherish them forever! Some days are harder than others for sure. We are still praying for you and your family. Thanks for sharing all of her sweet things with us. Elizabeth

harris1013 said...

Wow! What a beautiful way to honor your daughter. Thanks for sharing your memories.

the osbornes said...

wow, how beautiful! That is so special that you were able to dress her in such beautiful things, as every mom with a sweet little girl should! Thanks for sharing this. We're praying extra hard for you guys during the holidays

The Morrow's said...

Sarah you amaze me with your strength and your faith...I think about you all the time. God Bless!