Sunday, March 21, 2010

Avery & her new friend, Persey

Getting ready for Spring includes cleaning out Avery's pool & putting fresh water in it!! She loves this pool, not only does she drink out of it but after she runs a few laps or we go on walks, she plays in it!! She seems to of stopped growing tall but is starting to grow outwards.. mom says her head is getting bigger?? You can judge for yourself with the picture of her & Ben on the couch... pitiful!!

Avery's had a new friend to play with for the past couple days.. my boss & his family went skiing for spring break so Persey, their cocker is staying with us. He is the cutest pup I've ever seen!! He looks like a pompom, so fluffy!! Avery & Persey have really warmed up to each other.. poor Av think she's the same size so she tends to get a little rough when playing. You're probably wondering where Persey sleeps since Avery sleeps in our bed.. you guessed right, Persey is right there with us!! She tends to wonder all over the bed but she's so small compared to Avery we don't even realize she's there. I told Dr. Love that we may not give Persey back when it's time, he's growing on us!! (The top picture is of my mom, Charlie (Amber's dog) and Persey)

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